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Mediation and Energies
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Hey everyone, I’m new to witchcraft, I’m trying to research with books I’ve found on libraries but I’m kinda slow lol. I rather ask witches who are actually experienced. I’m having trouble practicing. I believe the root of this problem is my lack of focus, lack of energy, and the lack of intention. I don’t know why I have this problem, but I’ll go into details in a bit. But I did buy a shadow work book to help me dig deep into myself to really open myself up to meditation and intention.

The problem I have is not understanding how energies work. I’ve heard witches can literally feel energies, but I can’t? I have crystals, I charged them with selenite.. but when I hold it, it just feels like I’m holding a rock? I’m beating myself up because I can’t understand what I’m doing wrong, why can’t I feel anything when practicing.

Now for the intention, how does it work? Do I just say what the purpose is out loud? So I say it in my head over and over? Am I supposed to feel something when setting intention? How do I know it if I actually did set an intention.

Lastly, meditation. I would try sitting on the ground, legs crossed, and try focusing on my breathing while closing my eyes. But thoughts come in and out. I thought mediation blocks all of that. When I meditate am I just supposed to not think at all. Just my mind to be blank while I focus solely on breathing?

I don’t know, but I feel like I can’t practice any witchcraft without getting this covered first. I feel like these 3 issues are the main parts in successful spells. Cause If I don’t feel it, I’ll feel like I’m just doing arts and crafts with my candles and herbs, and not actually accomplishing anything. (I am super super sorry if me saying arts and craft is offensive, that was not my motive at all I’m just trying to express how I feel with this)
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Re: Mediation and Energies
By: Moderator / Adept
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Re: Mediation and Energies
By: / Novice
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I think the first order of business is to say this; Take an easy breath, and let go of that worry and stress. When it comes to learning and practicing these things it is a lifelong journey. Not a weekend seminar with a pass/fail quiz at the end. Self-discovery is a lifelong pursuit. One in which I can surmise by your frustration you are just starting out on. I am sure we've -all- been there. Excited to do and discover and experience.. but after the do, finding a lack of the discovering or experiencing.

Here are a few thoughts that finally started clicking things together for me when it came to crossing that line between doing, understanding, and experiencing;

On intent; When it comes to the idea of 'putting intent' into a working or energy, it doesn't necessarily refer to any sort of inserting of proverbial fuel or 'stuff' to make the working go. Placing intent refers to just doing it with purpose. Have a reason for what you are doing. Have an actual goal or result you want to actually accomplish. And be mindful of your actions and thoughts as you perform the working. Observe your thoughts so that the actions you take are directly related to reaching your goal.

For example, if you are lighting a candle as part of your spell be conscious of what that candles role is within the process, and -how- lighting that candle will bring that goal closer to fruition. This is often where the words of a spell have the strongest impact as what you say becomes an affirmation of what you are doing and why. Especially for actions that can have many meanings depending on their context.

"May the light of this candle shine away darkness and shadow" for example.


"As I light this candle I call to my guiding spirit, may it's light guide it to me"

Same action, two different contexts, two different intents. The only thing changed is the goal you hold to mind as you strike the match and hold it to the wick. That is what it means to put intent into something.

This goes for meditation, energy-working, dowsing, tarot... doesn't matter. Placing intent means keeping your mind on your goal.

On energy; Feeling/sensing and connecting with energy is a bit different for everybody. And some have an easier time than others in getting in-tune to the feelings that come about. Heck, I've been working with energy for nearly 30 years (dear God, I just did the math! That means I'm old! @_@) and I still don't always have an easy time with sensitivity.

It comes and goes depending on many factors. Commitment to practice, level of self-doubt, emotional investment at that moment, your internal state of mind, and often your external life situation all have an influence. Even after being practiced in it and 'open', sometimes you just get stuck with mundane concerns. Bills need paying, a friend is in need of help, work is super busy and exhausting, maybe your sleep routine is off and leaving you tired. Or, maybe, you are just in a slump where nothing new has happened so other more interesting things are taking your attention.

It all begins and ends with your ability to be present in the 'now' (the current moment) and aware (paying attention) of yourself, your thoughts, and your experiences.

Your body tells you a lot. Energy can feel like many things. Take time to listen for any new sensations, not just what a book says you 'should' experience. It's presence might be told in a feeling of warmth, a feeling of lost tension, a vague tingling, or even an emotional response like a feeling of content ease or calm. Or any other number of things. Instead of searching, sit and wait and see what comes to you.

Which brings me to meditation; the (pretty much) definition of sitting and waiting. First off, a little myth bust- Meditation isn't about silencing thought. You will always think. Always be taking in and processing information. To not be doing that is to be non-functioning and unaware. You would never know if you shut off your thoughts because, well, that mere observation is in itself a thought. I'll let that bake the noodle for a while.

Meditation isn't about removing thought, it is about becoming observant of them, and either using focus to let go of extra thoughts and focus on a specific goal. Or it is about letting your thoughts drift like a leaf on the wind and observing where it lands.

A discussion on meditation I found a while ago that has taught me a bunch;

A discussion on Awareness that also got my wheels spinning;
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