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HelpPlease with 7 DayCnd!
Post # 1
During the last New Moon I did candle spell for a new position and or career. I listed the type of the job I wanted and how much I wanted to make along with other details. The candle spell was not a success though. Right as the candle wick was getting close to the bottom the glass broke in half and the wax spilled out everywhere. I am now cleansing my altar and space but am looking for some possible interpretations of what happened. My feeling is the opposition to what I want whether energetically or physically was too great and or the deity I had requested help did not want too or couldn't. Anyways this has never happened for so I am starting over scratch. Perhaps I will request something next time that is easier to obtain Idk.

What do you guys think of the situation?
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Re: HelpPlease with 7 DayCnd!
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2

If the glass broke it could be for a number of reasons. One of the most common being that the glass got too hot and shattered. If the glass is cold and it comes into contact with the hot wax and candle flame, any microscopicfractures or imperfections in the glass, can result in the glass cracking or shattering.

The glass breaking doesn't necessarily mean the spell failed; it could simply mean you need to take more care when using candles. If you have other evidence to indicate that the spell did, in fact, fail. I would go over everything that you did and see if there are areas that you could improve on for future spells.

Things to consider:

  • Was the spell realistic?
  • Did you focus on your intent?
  • Did you raise energy for the work of magic at hand?
  • Did you ask a spirit or deity associated with your intent to help you?
  • Was the spirit or deity one that you have a working relationship with? - If not, generally speaking, most deities and spirits will not work with someone on a whim. A rapportand relationship needs to be build. Offerings need to be made, respect needs to be shown, etc.
  • Do you have a good understanding of the basics of magic and their principles?
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Re: HelpPlease with 7 DayCnd!
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Rule out the mundane first, the glass could have broke because it had a weak point and heating/cooling it over several days made it crack.

Magickally, I would look at the candle flame for information. When it comes to candles, you can use divination to determine how the spell is going. The glass breaking could be your spell is being spiritually blocked and was sent back, or it could mean you put too much energy in and it broke. more information is needed to determine which one it could be. You could have more information by watching the candle as you were casting.

Flame: depending on how the fire burns [size, colour, movement] can determine how the spell is going. A brief explanation, a steady bright flame means it's got enough energy and is on a steady course, a wild flame could mean a lot of energy and chaotic elements.

Smoke: if there's smoke, the direction it blows, the colour, and any shapes can indicate if a spirit's helping if your spell is successful or will fail.

Soot: similar to smoke, soot at the top of the glass can be read to determine how the spell is going.

Wax: any shapes in the wax can indicate spirits or interference with the spell.

Overall, wise to cleanse and protect your space to be safe, but don't worry you did something wrong. Evaluate the situation and try again if needed. Perhaps do a little divination around the situation to see what, if anything, is needed.

Reading over your post, you might have been a little vague. "I did candle spell for a new position and or career." While your second sentence explained how you went into detail, if the spell was "I was this new position in my job and I'll make X amount. OR, I want a job doing BLANK and make X amount" that's two separate spells. Which would you prefer? A promotion or a new job? You don't have to tell me, but if you design your dream job, cast a spell for that over several options of jobs you would want.
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