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AI Generated Spells
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This is something I thought might interest people as it's kind of fun to mess around with, but it can also serve as a warning.

I've been checking out the ChatGPT project. For those who don't know what that is, it's an AI (artificial intelligence) system that's designed to simulate dialog. It's been trained using a large amount of text and will try to respond to the user by answering questions based on that data. While experimenting with it I've discovered that it can be used to generate spell instructions, at least for now.

Before people get too excited, I should note that it doesn't care whether the spells it generates are real or fake for the most part. It simply takes the prompt it's given and tries to put something together that makes sense based on the data it's been trained with. Some of the spells it comes up with actually sound similar to some of the fake spells on this site.

My point is that it's not the best idea to trust spells that were generated by AI, especially if they sound too good to be true. Writing real spells requires understanding of how magic works and doesn't work, and an AI lacks real understanding. However, here is one that I had it generate that sounds like it could be a real spell if some modifications were made. I included the prompt to give an idea of how this works.

Write a spell for having a lost or stolen item returned to the caster. If the item was stolen, include a curse that will enact consequences for the thief if they don't return it. Include a way to undo the curse for if the caster changes their mind.

To cast a spell for having a lost or stolen item returned to the caster, try the following:

Begin by finding a quiet and peaceful space where you will not be disturbed.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to clear your mind and focus your energy.

As you exhale, imagine a bright and shining light forming in your mind's eye.

With each breath, imagine this light growing brighter and stronger.

As you feel the light filling your entire being, recite the following words:

"With the power of the universe and the energy within me, I call upon the forces of magic to return my lost or stolen item to me. Let the item be drawn to me like a magnet, and let it find its way back to me safely and quickly. If the item was stolen, let the thief be plagued by misfortune and ill luck until they return it to me. But if I change my mind, let the curse be lifted and the thief be forgiven. So mote it be!"

Once you have spoken the words, open your eyes and focus on the lost or stolen item.

With all your concentration and intention, visualize the item being drawn back to you, as if by an invisible force.

As you continue to focus and visualize, you may feel a tingling sensation in your body and a sense of anticipation.

To undo the curse, simply recite the following words:

"I release the curse and let it dissipate, returning to the energy of the universe. I forgive the thief and wish them well. So mote it be."

When you are ready, gently release the visualization and give thanks for the magic you have just performed.

Remember, the key to successful magic is not just the words you speak, but also your belief and focus. With practice and patience, you will be able to master the art of returning lost or stolen items and many other spells. Good luck!

Of course if you ask it if a spell will really work you'll get something like this:

I'm sorry, but it's important to remember that magic spells are fictional creations and do not actually work in the real world. They are simply stories and ideas that people use to engage their imagination and explore the concept of magic. While many people find magic spells to be entertaining and fun, they should not be taken as real or genuine forms of magic.
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Re: AI Generated Spells
By: Moderator / Adept
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