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Where?s My Socks?
Post # 1
I’ve heard over the years that there are beings that will take socks… is anything to substitute for that?
Ever since I moved into my home (been living here 4 years now) used socks keep disappearing. I’ve bought a huge amount of socks and after washing and drying there’s always a few missing. At first I thought maybe they fell behind the washer and dryer but I recently bought a new washer and dryer set and when the old set was hauled away there weren’t very many clothing items that fell behind the machines.
I had a relative move in and they’d ask if I had been wearing their socks as they couldn’t find them after doing laundry.
I’ve rummaged through drawers, closets, under beds, and under the sofas and am wondering where’s my socks?!
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Re: Where?s My Socks?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
((Re-posted with an edit))

As far as mundane causes, there could be a couple of reasons for this; Old socks can catch on the small seams and moving contact points in a drier, effectively getting shredded. Or otherwise just fall apart from being in a hot environment while being dry old and brittle in the fibers. Also, if the washing machine is getting over-loaded socks can get thrown over the edge of the clothing bin and get flushed down the water drain pipe. Or if someone helps with the laundry they might be throwing out old, threadbare, or holed socks as they set up/change loads and just aren't mentioning it. ...Considering that you got new machines that narrows out a couple possibilities though. To narrow out the other; be mindful of how full you are loading the machine, and once you notice some socks are missing check the garbages.

Another possibility is a pet swipes a sock from the hamper/floor every now and again to use as a toy. Or, as an outlier (but not unheard of) a rodent may be swiping them as nesting material. That last one is a long-shot though.

On a less mundane level, you may indeed have some mischievous folk about. Though then you would usually have a bit more variety in odd happenings. For example having single shoes disappear for a few days, then suddenly be found (while a different shoe promptly disappears). Or having coins, keys, nail clippers, scissors, and other small objects likewise disappear or get moved to new places with no explanation. Or you would find that anything usually left tied or knotted gets found later with them undone. (Shoe laces, cords for electronics, that sort of thing).

One thing you might try is striking an accord. Put out a bit of milk, beer, or whisky (a small glass, shot, or saucer) along with a sweet-bun or other bread. Honey flavors are particularly favorable. Back in the day honey was an expensive item of luxury so it bears value along with flavor. Put it at a window sill, or under a bed and while setting it out offer some terms. Like "If you stop taking my socks yourselves, I will leave out a pair I choose once a month in this place for you to have." Or maybe state would make continued offers of 'bread and beer' once a month. Or week if it is really important, or every full moon. Whatever you feel is best.

Leave the offering undisturbed for either one or three days then check on it. If it is gone/consumed then an agreement has been struck. Make sure you honor it for as long as they do. If it is not touched then either the terms are not agreeable, or you don't have visitors after all. If it is spilled, knocked over, or demolished but not taken or consumed (and you were careful to prevent any pets from getting at it) then your visitors aren't interested in dealing, time to trysomething else.

Hope this helps ^_^
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