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The many colors of magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Merry meet,
Since its pride month I though it would be nice to do a forum for how you can evoke colors in your daily spell casting its always open to everyone regardless if you are or not celebrating pride:
From colored candles to a rainbow of healing crystals, the splash of art on tarot and oracle cards to the many faces of the deities above- magick is a wonderful celebration of color!
Colorful conjuring:
Magick is abundant with color, and every color adds something special to your casting!
Here are just a few suggestions of how you can use and apply colors in your magick practice.
Candle magick:
It’s not only the type of candle that has an effect on your casting- the color of the candles you choose can also direct and imbue your spell work with different meanings. explore the many different meanings that each colored candle has to offer Once you have a color in mind, cast some candle magick!
Drawing on chakras:
As an ancient form of healing that started in India, some use the 7 Chakras as a way to release inner blockages and maintain wellbeing.
Colorful crystals: Crystals come in every color under the sun- and crystals healers will tell you that every crystal has a unique set of benefits it can bring into your life and your practice Explore a stone to learn more about its properties. If you can’t choose a stone to work with, consider taking this fun quiz:
And more: There are infinite ways you can add colors and their magickal meanings into your practice!
Feel free to let your creativity shine brightly
Candle magick:
feel free to add more ideas I would love to hear your ideas
Blessed Be
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Re: The many colors of magick
By: / Novice
Post # 2

In my personal practice there are two ways color is used.

To represent deity,

By candles, or crystals colored a certain way.

And in some workings with plants if the color of the plant is intended for the working more so than the plant properties.

With most workings I am using the plant's properties.

These are the only ways I tend to use color in my craft other than in healing, which requires two stones of specific colors.

I do not work with the chakras at all.

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Re: The many colors of magick
Post # 3
When I do energy work I usually use colour to symbolise the many different emotions in energy.

For instance, when I use energy to relax I visualise the energy as a calming light blue as that resembles relaxation to me.

I never really knew the colours themselves had power, I just thought it was what the colours symbolise that have power.
Thank you for this wonderful post. Blessed be!
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