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Nightmare Protection
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Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me, or help explain to me what happened..
I was dreaming terrible dreams, about completely awful and horrifying things I had had the dream before and I knew what was going to happen to the person before it happened, and after he died, I woke up.
I then see an ant carrying a folded piece of paper (I’m guessing a curse) near my head. I grab my phone to shine the light and nothing is there.
I shut the light off and reach for my dog, it’s early morning so I can see her outline. She sits straight up and stares at an entity I cannot see..
I cast a quick protection spell around us, knowing something in the room just caused these dreams.. and then- out of instinct: I released this spiritual, noxious black gas commanding it to suffocate all that would harm me.
My eyes are open, and as the gas moves out from my heart center and reaches the protective barrier I placed.. sigils appear and burn blue in the air. (About 15 of them) like my instinctual black gas that I had released literally burned them.
What the absolute heck happened?
I’ve never heard of a spirit gas. And what about the ant carrying a nightmare spell? And what about the sigils waiting for my shield to go down? Or were they my sigils at the face of my shield being activated?
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Re: Nightmare Protection
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Merry meet,

I am a little confused what parts were a dream and which were awake, so forgive me if I do not focus on that part. Spirit gas can be real. You might have perceived their spiritual attack as a toxic fume, similar to how some see spirits as shadows. This might have been the spirit sending negative or harmful energy towards you.

The anti nightmare spell you used could have been broken in some way. It might have been fake, it could simply have been the energy wore off. When it comes to protection spells such as charms, you need to reinforce them occasionally. Protecting you from negative energy can weaken them over time, so it is wise to check in with your protection wards, dust them off, and feed more energy into them. You might also consider doing a cleansing and protection of your room and home to be safe since the spirit attempted to harm you. A mundane reason as to the failure of the anti nightmare spell could have been your evening routine. If you ate something heavy, watched something scary, or otherwise were unsettled before bed, it could explain your brain being on high alert and creating a nightmare.

I am unsure what your sigil question is about. You can shield and use sigils in conjunction, similar to locking your door and having a porch camera. One does not mean the other will not work. It is merely an extra layer of protection. You might consider placing a protection sigil under your bed, a protective crystal or plant by your bed, or possibly even creating or purchasing a dream catcher. If you get a dream catcher, however, I would advise either purchasing it from a local tribe or native store. If you create your own, or purchase one from, say, a dollar tree, I would definitely cleanse, enchant, and give an offering to the nature spirits. These are part of native culture, as with sweetgrass braids and spirit animals, you need to be respectful as it can be a form cultural appropriation. Do your research and do what feels right for you in this instance. Returning to sigils, if you desire to work with them, you can use a combination of them to add extra layers of protection. Carry one in your pocket, wear on on a necklace, draw one in hand lotion and rub it into your skin, draw it on the sole of your shoe, sew it on the side of your clothes, have one under your phone case or as a background. There are a plethora of ways to use them.

Blessed Be.
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