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Re: Bonding with trees
By: Moderator / Adept
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In order to bond to something on should learn to see the world through their being, while observing them carefully. Plants evolved after bacteria, archea belonging to the aucaryota branch of the biological tree of life. Humans tendency to assume that other biological beings function as we do as separate units. Plants certainly do not. They have very strong symbiotic relationship with some bacteria, certain fungi and insects. They mainly react to electromagnetic band of energy. Especially, blue and red band from the visible spectrum and some violet. They reflect back most green light, which is why to us they appear green. They evolved to utilize mainly the red and blue light for energy production. Then, they roots are sensitive to earths gravity and any source of water. Seedlings will mainly point their roots towards the centre of gravity. Humans have long used tree branches to locate water. They will naturally ground any form of electricity through their roots.

Trees or any plants do not have sense of hearing. They cannot hear you talking or playing any music to them. Sound travels as mechanical wave through the air. Plants can show some sensitive to some vibrations, but hearing any music is a bit of stretch. They communicate using certain chemical compounds and via the mycelium network.

Your best bet for communication is actually physically touching them, so that your electromagnetic field mixes with theirs. We are all electromagnetic beings existing in the electromagnetic field of the planet. Your second next best bet is charging your water with your energy or with the sound of the music. Music can be used to raise your state of consciousness.
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Re: Bonding with trees
By: / Beginner
Post # 12

I read somewhere that talking to them and leaving gifts of silver and tobacco are good to help that relationship. I don't do too much green witchery, so that may be something I read in pleasing the fae

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