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Detailed emotion poppets
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Here is a methood on making what are known as "Emotional poppets/craft dolls".

What are Emotional poppets?

Emotional poppets are small or medium sized dolls that help aid, help cast spells/rituals, protect a room or specific person, to be used in shrines of a dead relative, or to place a slight/low working curse on a person.

What is needed to create them

  1. An ability to sew or mold a doll or pouch.
  2. Colors of fabric or putty (Listed below)
  3. Lasting incense salts.
  4. Stuffing, straw, or filling beans.
  5. a way to bless/cleanse the doll after creating it. (unless using for negative purposes)
  6. Any materials to make it represent the person you are representing.

colors of emotions (Can vary from the beliefs of person to person.)


  • Joy, happiness, and excitement - Pale yellow, medium bright yellow, or a light sliver.
  • Peace, harmony and contentment- White, pale/light blue, or base.
  • love, gratitude, and romance- Light pink, light red, and violet.


  • Anger, wrath, and betrayed - Dark red, dark brown, blue gray.
  • Depression, sadness, loneliness, grief- Dark gray, black, brown red, or dark purple.
  • envy, jealous, annoyance- Dark emerald green, green brown, or neon yellow

Please keep in mind colors and their meaning vary from caster to caster.

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