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Name: Fearsheart
Birthday: Mar 23 1998
Location: NW Kansas.
Gender: Female
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The dolls arm is ripped. I stitched it up, her button eyes came back to life. We played in the garden, the sun left and the clouds cried on us. The doll suggested we dance in the storm, so we did. I offered the doll some cookies and she agreed, we skipped in the puddles up to the house. A strange car drove away, the doll told me that she has a bad feeling. The back door was open, mama always was mad when we left it open. The doll was tugging on my hand and told me to not go in, but we went in. Mama is taking a nap on the floor, she has cuts. Lots of cuts.

I woke up, I'm much older than before. In a new bed, in a calm town. I turn my head, the doll is there. I pick her up, her button eyes have no more life. I held her close as reality seemed to warp away. I realized I dont have any more life either.

- : Fearsheart 2018

Blood magick, summoning, Demonology, spirits and entities, spell writing, dream interpretation, prophetic dreams, air magick, doll magick, meditation, career rituals, and confusion/fear spells. No spoonfeeding, readings, or free services. I might consider helping you for a certain fee but most likely not.

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