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Help Wendigos
Post # 1
Hey everyone, it's been a long time since I sought magical advice but I find myself in dire need of it. In the last year I found that I'm being haunted through my dreams by a Wendigo or a Wendigo like spirit and now it's also appearing in my partner's dreams which makes me nervous because I feel like it's going to try to harm me through him.

I first encountered this Wendigo when I was living in my partner's house outside of the cities. I had a dream one night where I found myself before the housing development we lived in had been built, I was next to a long beautiful tree and I looked across the way to see empty plots of land which had feral cats and an old mattress that someone had dumped there. I love cats so naturally I walked over to the the old mattress was to pet the cats since there was a large amount of them hanging around there. As soon as I started getting closer to the mattress I noticed a large dark, dog-like, deer-like feature that was laying down looking around. As soon as it sensed my presence and gaze of it, it's head snapped in my direction and kept looking at me. I knew it was something bad, something old and that it would harm me if I payed any attention to it. I walked back to the big tree and tried to hide there. When I got there my partner appeared there and I told them to not look at the wendigo, who was slowly creeping in our direction. It laid down and it kept looking in my direction until I woke up.
The next encounter I had with it was not in a dream but it was while I was sleeping.
I was napping in my room and I was dreaming of my cats who were not at home with me and clear as day I felt a soft fur gliding across my hand. It wasn't warm and it felt dead and that's when I knew something was wrong. I didn't open my eyes and I stayed still until I felt the fur move away from me. It was the wendigo.

After that I had another dream were a strange man broke into our house and he sought me out, he said that if I made any noise everyone in the house would die and I had to follow him out to the garage. I did just as he said and when I got to the garage this man turned into a wolf-like creature and then my body started shaking and I turned into a wolf-like creature, the man was trying to coax me out of the garage. I didn't go with him and he got angry. I stayed in the garage and eventually turned back into human form and went back inside. The man just stood outside of the house until what appeared to be sunrise and then I woke up.

I guarded myself with a couple of simple protection spells that I knew and it seemed to work because after that I no longer had dreams of the wendigo but instead just felt it's presence far away in the distance.

Last night however my partner had a dream of two deer-like creatures that were dead, someone had killed them and or at least tried to. My partner described one of the creatures dragging itself to the other dead one, it was bleeding out from it's neck. Then the one my partner preserved as dead snapped awake and looked at my partner. It spoke to him and it's voice sounded like wind and bone grinding against each other, and said something important but my partner didn't remember what it had said to him. The other deer-like creature was still dragging itself toward the one that was suppose to be completely dead (it was in advance decay) and my partner felt bad for them both so he tried to put them out of their misery by shooting them in their dream. Except the one in advance decay was not affected by the bullets, it just still stared at him and the other one continued to drag itself towards it. My partner woke up in cold sweat and scared that his dream had a prophetic aspect to it.

I need help. I don't know what I can do to keep my partner safe, he acknowledge their/its existence by shooting at it and listening to it.

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Re: Help Wendigos
Post # 2
Use the flower of life. It will help keep you and yours safe from negative entities.
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Re: Help Wendigos
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

What is the Flower of Life? What resources could you recommend? And how do you recommend using it?

Just saying to use some item, object, or symbol, isn't really all that helpful without some actual information.

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Re: Help Wendigos
Post # 4
Quick question, have you tried sage yet? Do you have a deity to protect you in exchange for some offerings? I drew a card for you from my recently reopened Oracle cards(haven't used them in awhile since I don't do readings, someone asked for one though so I sought them out for that one usage.) under one of my deity's care, and the single card you drew was the cloud - Shape shifting, but reversed(I drew it reversed, thanks to the insistence of said deity.). I tried finding out if they were only seeking help or if they wanted to help you somehow...but I don't think your situation is anything good. It's a little strange, but I somewhat feel they want something from you, but are more than willing to be forceful. You definitely don't wanna give in to them, whatever their desire is. Feel free to interpret the card as you wish, but it was a simple Oracle card drawing to divine your situation and it ended up as the shapeshifting card - reversed. I recommend saging with a prayer and commanding whatever intends to harm or cause you trouble to leave.
Black salt may also help, just in case. I'm unsure however, since I'm not used to dealing with wendigos. I truly hope you stay safe! Take care.

PS: Feel free to give your input on the reversed shapeshifting card if you wish, but I was picking up forceful change... something dark and ominous - certainly nothing helpful to the topic creator at least.
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Re: Help Wendigos
Post # 5

it seems like a spirit is attacking you and I am really sorry to hear all this. Please pray to a deity for protection. I recommend if I was you to pray to Archangel Michael, thoughnot a deity, he is very powerful spirit. I would sprinkle your bed with holy water each night for nine days and do a novena to Archangel Michael for also nine days. Make the sign of the cross before going to bed and pray for protection. I also recommend this prayer when you sprinkle your bed:

"Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the Divine Power of God,
cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen."

Ask a priestto anoint some virgin olive oil for you and anoint each door and window with the sign of the cross. If you cant find a priest you can do it yourself.You can even anoint you and your partners forehead before bed as well. Sprinkle holy water around your whole house too just in case. I also recommendburning frankincensein each room of your house for spiritual cleansing and protection,

I am sorry if this didn't help, but I am only telling you what I would do, though I really wish the best for you. If your not Christian I recommends a strong warrior deity. Probably like Athena or something. You could probably make some holy water and blessed oil in her name as well. I hope for the best and I will pray for you :)

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Re: Help Wendigos
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

Simply stop acknowledging them. If what you experienced are indeed wendigo, the best option is to not give them any attention. Without properly protecting yourself even talking about wendigo is believed to elicit their attention. The fact that he doesn't remember what they said to him is a good thing. Getting rid of wendigo is as simple as outright ignoring them. Don't look at them, don't talk to them, don't talk about them, and if at all possible, don't even think about them. Wendigo are only dangerous when engaged. Cease all acknowledgment of their existence and they should grow bored and move on.

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Re: Help Wendigos
By: / Novice
Post # 7
As is usual for me, this is probably going to be a wall of text. But I hope some of it will help.

First task; know thine adversary.

The wendigo is either a malicious spirit, or an entity possessing a human, which represents gluttony, famine, and cannibalism. By my understanding the wendigo appears in times of famine, posessing (or being born through?) A person who has committed cannibalism. They usually look gaunt and anorexic no matter how much they eat, pale/ashen and smelling of death and rot. In some stories they grow based on what they eat, so their belly is never full.

Their main goal/objective is to eat, like a desperately starved man with food at their fingertips for the first time.

To be honest not a lot of this seems to fit very well with what you have described. ...Though to be honest My information on the wendigo is incomplete (to put it mildly). Still, I would observe this creature as more wendigo-like by association. Though indeed deserving of caution.

I find it interesting that cats feature prominently in your encounters, It might be helpful to look into some of the symbolism behind cats in addition to wendigo. There might be some interaction or relevance between the two. Try to recall how the cats behaved in that first dream. Were they calm and friendly? Wary and nervous of you or the other figure? Aggressive as you got close? Entirely indifferent? Try to put these details into context with eachother. It might shed some light.

I agree that it seems this entity is trying to make you pay attention to it, to commit thought (and so energy) towards affirming its presence and/or being lured away from the protections of your space. This thing wants you to feel harrowed and vulnerable. Off center and outside of your authority. Basically, it wants you feeling like you can't resist/fight back. (Pro tip, nothing can take away your authority, you can only give it away. The trick is remembering that malicious beings are just trying to trick you into thinking otherwise.)

Advising specific things you can do to solve this can be tricky. It depends on a few different factors. Like what you already practice and have confidence in, where your understandings of spirit, magic, energy, and authority lie. Your personal experience and willingness to put in effort if needed.

The good news is that there are likely a few ways to tackle this problem. In the end, how you go about it depends on where you feel the strengths lie between yourself and your significant other. Does he also practice in any magic or energy working? Do you two have a shared beliefs or at least open dialogue of them? There seems to be something symbolic of two deetr lying close together, refusing to 'give in'. It feels to me like you two should work together if it is possible. ...The more I think of it, the more this feels like a message outside of the presence of the wendigo-creature and maybe a message of how to overcome the presence.

Take some time to discuss the dream in tight detail. -especially- focusing on how each aspect made him feel. Sure, dying deer may be gruesome, but was there hate or malevolence from them? Did their presence make him feel cold or warm? Afraid or sad (or angry) and why? When he tried to put the deer down it seemed described as an act of attempted compassion or mercy rather than out of fear or protection. This might be telling as well in context to the dream.

Things to reflect on, as finding the right solution depends first on asking the right questions;

Is there anything significant that changed in your routines just before this started? Added stress or worries? Any stressful changes with personal impact? (The 'this is a symbol of your self-conscious theory) In essence, are you feeling affected by some sort of personal or spiritual lacking? (ie: famine)

Have you recently worked any rites involving calling on the presence of a new spirit? (Guide calling, Oracle calling, ouija session, invocation of a deity, etc). If so what exactly, by the literal words, did you ask for? (The 'uninvited interloper' theory)

Do you recall any serious falling-out of friendships or other serious/negative situations with a friend, family member, coven-mate, etc? (The 'someone's mad and succeed it on you' theory) Also, if yes, Did you say or do anything hurtful to that person? (The added 'solve it with an apology' possibility)

And also, do you astrally travel/project, and if so have you been reaching out to any odd or new places? What about exploring places mundanely. Have you been going spelunking into uncharted places recently? (The 'Wandered into a cave and poked a bear by accident' theory)

Having an idea of how this started (if possible) can greatly help in pointing the way to how to end it.

For now I recommend working on concentrating on the idea of understanding your situation, reaffirming your personal authority, and viewing yourself as filled with radiant positive energy. Think warmth, light, and protection. And have happy and uplifting things sprinkled around you to bring positivity into your home. (And recommend your partner does the same)

There are a few meditations out there to help, and a multitude of rites to make use of. Not to mention tons of symbols and charms to place around your home to repel shadows and draw in healing and light.

Keep us up to date as well, I hope you can find some more information to share as time goes on so we can keep helping. (Add this thread to your favorites so you can re-load it to check even after it runs off your 'history' profile tab.)
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Re: Help Wendigos
Post # 8
I believed the flower of life pattern was popular enough to be immediately recognized, but I guess not. So here goes:
The flower of life is a pattern of overlapping circles. You can download images of it on the web. Use Google.
It is based on the geometric hexagon and the number six. It is the most stable basic harmonic geometric pattern there is And is the basis for more complex geometric patterns. In ancient times it was used to protect places like temples from negative energies/entities. In medieval England where it was called the witch's circle it was believed to protect houses from witches. The flower of life has deeper significance but I won't go into them as there are already countless resources on the topic to be found on the internet. There is a crystalinks article on the topic that is quite popular. When I said use the flower of life I implied that the casts a circle of protection based on the flower of life pattern either through meditation or a spell. From the post, I presumed the writer was adept at casting protection spells meditation. My suggestion was only to augment her own efforts. If the will is strong enough Visualizing a shield of said pattern surrounding one's self or others works wonders. You can print out a picture of it or draw one yourself if your spells involve images.
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Re: Help Wendigos
Post # 9
Thank you everyone for your responses and to answer some of the questions or even shed some light on this situation. I have not actively practiced any form of withcraft since I was in middle school. I decided to move on because I was very susceptible to entities that were not good like the wendigo reaching out to me and they would cause me harm. It was nothing serious, usually it was just a scratch or two but I didn't want them to get worse at I got older...I'm not sure why that would make a difference but it was what my intuition was telling me. At the time when the wendigo first appeared in my dreams I had just had a large traumatic event happen (that left me very distant and disconnected from my family) and had to relocated to a city close to indian burial mounts and large ravines. When I started having the dreams my intuition was to ignore it and it worked, it left me alone. It was still there and I think that it tried to use my desires (cats) as a weakness. The cats in my dream led me to it, as soon as I saw the wendigo the cats disappeared. It was definitely a targeted attack but as long as I didn't dedicate any energy to it it didn't come back or closer to me.

The basic protections that I have in my house are crosses, I was raised by a catholic family so it's just something that has carried on into my household. I also have an energy protection dome around my house and I regularly pray to the gods for protection. I don't have a spiritual system or religion that I subscribe to as I believe all beliefs have equal merit and it's up to the individual to chose where they go, and how to worship. I used to astral project when I was younger, though I could never remember where I went or what I saw, it was mostly involuntary. I believe that I still travel and I'm able to remember some encounters now. Most of them are never good, that has kept me from travel is having my cat(s) around they act as a anchor for me and keep my guard at night.

My partner is a non-believer, They do not believe in anything and much less the supernatural. The dream that was something they strongly believed was prophetic, that the wendigo told them something horrible and devastating. Which is why I came here for help. I'm going to try the suggestions that you all gave me and hopefully something will keep it away for good.

Since my first post, I've had to go to ER for breathing problems, been feverish, had fatigue and headaches. I most likely think that it's due to me contracting Covid but we're waiting on the results. Other than that, nothing note worthy has happened to me or my partner which means hopefully the Wendigo has retreated again.
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Re: Help Wendigos
Post # 10
I also wanted to add that these incidents have happened almost 8+ more months apart. Since my initial dreams, I have moved away from the house in which I had the experiences and into a place full of sunlight, love and happiness.
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