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Banishing ritual
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I believe that there is no black or white magic, only the way to use it. Magic is a tool.
Saying "black magic" is the same as saying "Guns kill people" or "Spoons make people fat."
So if anyone considers this evil or negative, it's all about your intentions.

This ritual will help to banish an aspect of your mind. It only works if you genuinely, sincerely wish to erase it.

To use this spell, you need some paper, a compass (the circle tool thingy), a ruler, some marker or ink pen, a candle, and some matches or some other way to light the candle.
Make sure you have a room which you can make very dark. Create space in that room to minimize the risk of burning your house down. You also need a tiny bit of your blood.

To get some of your blood, you can prick your finger with a diabetic lancet if you have one. In this case, make sure you use a clean, sterile needle. You can also use a bit of your blood from a coincidental wound if you happen to have one as I did. Another way is to ask for an extra vial to take home when you are getting your blood drawn. You don't need your blood at all if you use runes you made earlier (those wooden/stone/whatever blocks with rune symbols carved on them and covered with their user's blood)

Now for the actual spell.

Step 1: Construct a pentagram.
Follow this video:
When you're finished, draw the pentagram and the circle with your marker.

Step 2: Draw the runes
Draw runes in the pentagram as you can see in this picture:

Step 3: The blood part.
Unless you used the pre-made runes, you have to do this. Place a bit of your blood in the center of the pentagram.

Step 4: Casting.
Make sure you have around an hour alone. Make the room dark, place the pentagram paper in front of you, and light a candle. Turn off all light except for the candle. Get in a comfortable position in front of the torch, preferably upright. Don't close your eyes: Concentrate on the candle's flame. Take deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. This is where chanting comes in. Once you're relaxed and in a meditation-like state, begin to invoke the runes. Invoke the runes top-to-bottom, left to right. Don't invoke the runes in the center. Invoke the runes inside of the pentagram first, then the ones inside of the circle.
After you've finished chanting, concentrate on your intention. Concentrate on an aspect of your mind that you wish to ward off, like a phobia for an example. Bring it out. Face it inside of your subconscious as directly as possible. Visualize it as a demon or some negative energy inside your body. Then visualize the candle's flame as being the demon's soul, its very being. Relax, have patience. Good things come to those who wait. Meditate on the spirit until you feel calm and ready, and accept it. Once you think that the soul is bound to the candle's flame strongly enough, snuff out the candle.

Finally, the disposal of the paper. Put some gloves on, don't touch the paper directly. The paper may be infused with the negative energy you cast out, and if you touch it directly, you might undo the ritual. Bring it out of your home to a safe and fireproof place outside. Burn the paper and bury the ashes if possible.

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Banishing ritual
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

I do think something like this could aid someone in helping with an aspect of something they didn't like. A ritual isn't going to completely banish a part of someone, of course, but it may aid someone in managing something. For example, if someone had a tendency to stress about things they had no control over, a spell might help, but they'll have to take mundane measures (counseling, learning coping mechanisms, etc), as well.

I will say for anyone planning on doing this: I highly doubt a doctor will let you take home a vial of your blood. They'd probably get in trouble for that. Also, only use runes if you know how to do that.

As a side note, the gun comment at the top is pretty unrelated and seems like it could cause a political debate and the thread could get locked. I'm sure that wasn't your intention, and I'm certainly not trying to get into politics as that's not what this site is for,it's just something I thought you might not be aware of.

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