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I have owned my house for over 11 years and I never had any issues or "problems" until my dug well ran dry and I hired a company to come in and drill a new well for me. They went down to 475 feet to get the right water pressure and almost instantly, something I couldn't see was in my house tormenting my dog. Like clockwork, every single night, my dog and I would sit on the sofa watching my HGTV and she would look up at the peek of my ceiling (my living room has cathedral ceilings with skylights) and she would start growling really low. Her head would bounce around as if she were seeing something moving. At first I thought it might be a reflection in the skylights, then maybe a bug or something, but she would growl louder and louder until she would stand up, still staring at the ceiling and be barking angrily.

I had wondered if perhaps drilling the well, which took 4 days, might have disturbed something like a water sprite or something of that nature. I didn't feel any ill-will or negative energy, just uncomfortable at night and there was this almost dark shadow that just clung to the ceiling. Hard to explain, but nothing really visible. I decided that if I did perhaps disturb its home, it might be lost and confused, so I did a few house blessings, smudging and I decided to build a small "fairy house" out in my woods. Nothing picture worthy, but all made from tree moss, roots and leaves. After a while, it seems to have gone away and I have not had any issues since.

I am not a strong believer in fairies and and such, but after that experience, I knew it wasn't human or demonic, it felt like it was a nature related entity, which is suiting since it followed the well drilling. I didn't want ot leave out an offering, since I was looking to have it leave the home, and leave my poor dog alone. I do think it is in the woods, because she sometimes will growl like that outside looking into the woods and I don't see any deer, moose, bear or other creatures that normally get her riled up. Even with those larger creatures she does not growl, she barks loudly, notifying them all this is her property and they aren't welcomed (although that did not stop the bear from taking a dip in the pool, it flat out ignored my dog and went swimming).

Interesting concept though, fairies. I will have to remember their stubborn nature next time.


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