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Successful Money Spell
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So I created this money spell that I had success with (I'm running it back again tonight or even Saturday) What I did was get these tools:

1 green candle

coins and dollars

A tin can (Like a folgers tin jar. A mason jar could be used but I preferred this as it was covered and I couldn't see the contents once putting the top on it)

Petition paper

yarn or string

sigil (optional but suggested)

oils of choice

Start by pouring the money on the ground and laying the candle in it. I feel like every time I look at it the money or energy from it concerning money is absorbing into the candle.

While the candle is "soaking" I put dollar signs in the candle. I then create the sigil (if you don't know how I'm sure it's places on here to find it) activate and place in the bottom of the folgers jar.

I place the coins and dollars around the jar in a circle and fill out my petition paper with the amount of money I'm asking for or hoping for then wrap with the yarn. Place it in the bottom of the jar and place the candle (in a candle holder) inside the jar to burn down. The sigil and petition should be under the candle holder.

After the candle burns all the way down and it will safely in that tin folger's jar, place all the coins back in the jar on top of the sigil and petition but take one to carry with you in your pocket.

Hopefully $$$-bills come your way. It was funny for me as I had $7 dollars in the jar in change and a $2 dollar bill. I received 15 dollars back from a random job I was given a day after the spell and another 2 dollar bill so I doubled up

If it works share your results! Peace

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