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Numerology magic Name
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First off this is my first post on any forum whatsoever so please forgive me if this is in the wrong place.

So I've been studying witchcraft for 5 years or so. Nothing practical other than Crystal's and meditation. I've been keeping a B.O.S and finally convinced myself it's time to drive into the practical side of things.

With that said the part I'm honestly the most stumped on in choosing/finding my magical name. I'm familiar with several methods on verifying and how numerology intertwines into it. I wont post my name for privacy but my number equates the the sum of 2. Now I've gathered tons of old norse names ive taken a liking to and plan on going down the norse pantheon but when I break down every name I can find or think of it never comes down to the sum of 2. I feel in order to do my initiation ritual I need a name that speaks to me and hopefully equals 2.

Any other possible helpfull features that could go into my name

I'm 6'6 (really tall)
Chinese new year animal is the dog 1994
Totem animal is the woodpeaker (July 17)
Zodiac is cancer
And my wand is made from ash if that helps any

Please any tips/help/suggestions are greatly appreciated

So mote it be!
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Re: Numerology magic Name
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Firstly the numerology of your magick name doesn't have to equal your real name. The numerology of yourmagic name can represent the type of person you hope to be, or the goals you want to achieve. But, if 2 is the goal you want then there's nothing wrong with that.

Secondly sometimes if you meditate on a regular basis, a name can just come to you and you may want to use that.

Thirdly, if there's a name that you really want to use but it doesn't come out to 2, then you can consider changing the spelling of it until it comes to the number you want. e.g. you can change "Robin" to "Robyn" to get a different number.

Hope this helps. Blessed be :)

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