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Re: Tarot for beginners?
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Thank you so much, everyone. Thank you for the tips you all gave, I'll make sure to keep them in my mind when I'm practising tarot readings.
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Re: Tarot for beginners?
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Several years ago my mom bought me a deck of tarot cards that came with a book for Christmas. It's called "Easy Tarot: Learn to read the cards once and for all" written by Josephine Ellershaw, and the deck is illustrated by CiroMarchetti.

It really helped me to grasp what each card represented in detail and as a whole, so that I could give more detailed readings.

Eventually, I did buy my own tarot deck from my favorite artist that was in town for a festival, but even then, it was cool to go back and see how what the book said correlated to my new deck.

If you want to do a little extra too, what helped me a lot on the side was reading and an interest in literature in general. Mosttarot decks in their illustrations contain symbolism pertaining to masculinity, femininity, emotion, strength, and all sorts of other things. In every literature class I've been in,all of them discussed how these symbols show up in literature and everyday life as well. So now looking around, and finding things that stand out that way and when reading books, seeing where these symbols are relevant and how they affect the story, really has a new meaning.So it was interesting to get that view of context and how it all fits in.

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