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The Black Haired Girl

Forums ► Misc Topics ► The Black Haired Girl

The Black Haired Girl
Post # 1
For the past month I've been having incredibly detailed and realistic dreams. Not quite dreams. They've almost evolved into simulation.

Getting past the existential rabbit hole that opens up, the dreams have been getting incredibly more active over the past few months, a month or so after I moved into this apartment. Even further before, spanning about 6 months my dreams have began to evolve.

On the night between the 6th and 7th of November, nothing amazingly different happened.

In my dreams, I am somewhat... immaterial. Like Dark Matter. I am the one that typically reacts with something else, then they shall react. People that I get into fights with, staring right through me till I make the first blow, for instance.

On that night, I was noticed in a certain sense. I was with this girl, with hair silky and dark as onyx. The sort of dark and inky colour that you could stare into for hours on end, like the deep expanse of space in between the stars.

This person was... of a sort of mystic persuasion, from what I could tell. She was between 5' 6" and 5' 9", her hair in wavy cascades down to her shoulders and seemed to be 19 to 21. She wore some sort of dark clothing, though in what type and manner, I cannot remember. The air around her felt... different than what I usually experience. A sort of depth and complexity. Like some thought of quantum proportions that expands ever deeper into the infinitesimal and the infinite.

In the dream, we were friends or associates of sorts. Working on some sort of project, but for the life of me I can't remember what sort of work it entailed. She and I were walking down the street of a place that I know well. But it also strayed to a place that was close by that i'd never been. To my surprise, when I told my mother of this, she knew of this place. A grove or orchard of some sense.

However, in this place we did not go with our free-will. This girl had a sister, one with an evil intent it would seem. She was either jealous of her sister in some way or just simply evil. She captured me and tied me to an oak post in the grove.

The post had a skull carved into the top of it, and it was paired with these two clubs. The clubs had a large ball end about half the size of a volley ball with a single steel stud in them. The clubs were stacked one atop the other, the bottom one pierced into the skull on the top of the skull.

I can't remember the words that were spoken in the dreams at this point. But the sister wanted me for something, either to lure the girl with my capture or to preform some sort of ritual on me to do the same thing.

She cut my face open, from the base of my nose down to my chin. I can still remember the warmth of the blood and the taste of iron in my mouth.

Then, suddenly, I was somewhere else. Yet, something was wrong. I felt worried and saddened.

The perspective of the dream switched to the girl. She was also tied to the post, in the same manner that I was. Her sister cut her as well, in the same way she cut me.

The sister left, summoning this bear or some creature of equal proportion to finish the black haired girl off. The girl, as the animal came to maul her, freed her hands and forced its jaws away, uttering some sort of spell that caused it to move away, turning on the evil sister.

Then, the perspective was my own again. I was standing in a driveway, the one of my aunt's house, a place close to the grove.

I was disheartened, looking to the street and wishing I could of seen this girl again. I saw movement up the street, the girl coming down out of the darkness. As we saw each other we ran into embrace, I so relieved to see my friend alive.

Which, brings me to the point of why I'm bringing this writing here to a selective public as it were. I'm of the inclination that this person exists and maybe potentially is influencing my dreams. Normally I wouldn't think such things, but for the past week she's been a daily occurrence in my dreams as well as scatted throughout the last month.

It's somewhat suspect, I'd say.

So, in a fantastic long shot, if you are around here, i'd like you to prove it:

"Why is the Moon Dancing?" Answer me that, If you could.

Albeit, I have no idea what to go on about if the counter to that callsign is correct or incorrect or if there's no substance to it, so... Here's to long shots I suppose.
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Re: The Black Haired Girl
Post # 2
Interesting description of your dream-experience. I am really intrigued in this topic though I am not good at dream-interpretation's. Since you said it is a daily occurrence then I would like to ask a question, Have you tried speaking in your dream?
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Re: The Black Haired Girl
Post # 3
I speak often in my dreams, but not in a controlled manner. In spite of the complexity of the dream state, I cannot reach the point of lucidity.

It sort of plays out like a memory or an echo of sorts, in a sense.
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Re: The Black Haired Girl
Post # 4
Thanks for the reply. I see what you mean. Have you tried searching about this on the Internet?
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Re: The Black Haired Girl
Post # 5
Hello! I have a strange ability, I see in my dream what is supposed to happen tomorrow (or in the few days ahead). So surprisingly I saw the girl in your dream. So, I am not sure, because I was holding her hand, then we were playing a kind of seek and hide game, it was winter so she hided in a balcony, I found her, and then we laughed together. The dream ends here.
Now in my dream I was a blonde haired male (in my real life I am a female, dark long hair). I don't know what this dream means for you, but maybe someone (entity or human) needs your help to be reunited again with you. To me you should do some occult researches about your life, and for the girl i your dream.
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Re: The Black Haired Girl
Post # 6
I haven't done any research necessarily. To me, it seems, that any dream searches I've done differ greatly source to source.

As it stands I'm in the mud. I still keep having dreams of her.

She's physically different in each one, but the feeling that surrounds the air around her is the same every time. Like how you know a person by their scent.

At any rate, I'll have to save the questions. I need to be off to work and I won't be off shift till midnight.

Thanks for the comments, I didn't exactly expect this.
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Re: The Black Haired Girl
Post # 7
I understand her appearance change in the dreams, and the way you recognize her by her presence. It's the same for me too! I have a someone that I see in my dreams too. Sometimes she appears to me as a yellow haired maid, with a calm and beautiful smile, sometimes as a male lion, sometimes as a dark wolf, once appeared as a dark shadow force and lately as a dark creature, male who obviously wanted to hurt me, but as soon as I felt his presence, I told him that I surrendered, he caught me but it didn't hurt me , he transformed into a human male form and told me to always trust in him whatever it comes.
To tell the truth, in female form this creature is lovely, protective and I like her, while in male form I am afraid of him, but the goal is to trust in him and look inside of his true heart. Strange but true!
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Re: The Black Haired Girl
Post # 8
Hmm. I see. That is quite interesting.

However, most of my dreams I've written down where she's appeared aside from my last two 'sleeps' (As I don't often bed down during the nights due to work).

There's a large amount to this person, which I've given the surrogate name of Chernie Volosy [Which is a butchered Russian to English translation of 'Black/Dark Hair'] that I've seen. Yet still an even larger amount unseen, as is the case.

As it stands, I think I can only go and visit that place that I saw.

But, its been over 48 hours since I last slept. I feel like tonight my dreams will be...feverish.

Again, I appreciate the discussion.
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Re: The Black Haired Girl
Post # 9
I just got back to my flat after hiking about the woods and mountains for roughly 3 hours.

The area I was in was mostly rocky slopes covered in leaf litter and downed trees from the windstorms of the past few years.

I traveled probably 5 to 7 miles overall, which is rather poor considering the time I spent out there. It was kind of chilly tonight, but not bad once I started moving about.

I eventually reached some 4x4 paths after following the river and railroad tracks, but... they snaked and winded through the woods in a way that had me certain that I wasn't in the right place.

But I reached the place that I was told about. I didn't recognize anything and the whole... light was wrong. The sky was milky tonight, and I couldn't see the moon for much of the time which would of made it hard to gather my direction had I not been following a river much of the way. I could of moved further across the field I found myself in... but I was not particularly enthusiastic about the potential of getting shot at, given the area.

I am... thoroughly disheartened at the time I spent out there, traipsing about in a way that an outside spectator would see me being a lunatic.

All in an attempt to find some dark haired girl that I saw in a dream.

Its... disappointing. I keep bringing my hopes up that I will somehow find a way to bring myself out of my situation in a miraculous manner. For too long have I felt at odds end, alone, cheated, betrayed and embittered due to others.

What in the ever-living bounds of hell am I supposed to do with those feelings?

I suppose I'll try again at some point. Closer to a full moon, I guess. In all, maybe I should taper my expectations. But I've gotten impatient.

Anyways... This is a bit of an update. For posterity's sake more than anything, I'd wager. The silver lining is that I know the area a bit better now, so, I have that.
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Re: The Black Haired Girl
Post # 10
I wish I could, but faces are always so fleeting in my memory.

I also lack the artistic skill to do such a thing.

Describing it would also be a bit of a null path, as I'm not all that great at naming facial features.

Thanks for the suggestion though.
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