How to bless a wand?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> How to bless a wand?

How to bless a wand?
Post # 1
I need help to bless a wand for spells. I don't know if there are different kinds of blessing, but if there is I would like a powerful one(doesn't have to be).
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Re: How to bless a wand?
Post # 2
thank u sorcerer I will try the one with the moon after it is done I will try a spell and if that spell succeeds then I will let u know
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Re: How to bless a wand?
Post # 3
He is a simple blessing for your wand.
"May Mercury bless and guide you, your wand, your words, your will and your way. So Mote it Be.

Wood for Wands is harvested during the Waxing phase of the Moon, on Wednesdays. Mercury rules the wand.
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Re: How to bless a wand?
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
The idea behind a blessing and awakening is in essence creating a formal personal process for defining the purpose of an object. In the case of a wand it means you are taking 'this stick' and declaring that it is to be used by yourself for the purpose of magic as a specific symbol.

This process can be complex or simple, as long as it is personally meaningful and gives you a sense of the object being now dedicated to use for its purpose only and nothing else. Like was already said, you can put it in moonlight or expose it to any other natural energy that you feel a personal connection with, to charge it and clense it of any previous energies, or do the same through calling on a patron Deity, natural force, or other magical dedication.

Some people, being fortunate enough to be a part of a local group, will come together with multiple items and 'lay them around the fire' during their usual meetups. By being present and at the focal point of a circle they would in effect soak up the magical atmosphere and group intent.

Whatever you do, there are a couple of recommended specific stages to the process;

First, making or obtaining a specific item with intent (already done it seems ^_^)

Then, cleansing the item of any lingering energies to create a clean slate. This can be done many ways from salt to running water to a cleansing exposure to moonlight etc. The idea is to wash off the old energy.

Once it has been cleansed, there is usually an awakening or blessing. This is the process of adding the desired energies to the object to connect it with its intended purpose. Or otherwise acting to stir up the item's own energies so they become active and vibrant.

Then, finally you want to do something to attune the item to yourself or, in effect, define it as yours and/or an extension of yourself. Usually this happens fairly quickly through using it repeatedly, but you can also do something specific and personal. Like anointing it with a favorite essential oil. Or sitting with it in meditation, or attaching something to it that is deeply personal.
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Re: How to bless a wand?
Post # 5
Hey Spirit I got what most you said but I have two questions: First question: How could I cleanse it with salt. Second question: I really didn't get how to infuse it with energy. Thank you for your time.
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Re: How to bless a wand?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Salt cleansing is actually a very easy process. Salt itself is a natural absorber of energy, and all you need to do is place a few pinches of salt in your hand and use it to gently rub the entire object for a couple of minutes.

Another option is to dissolve a handful of salt in a bit of water and then immerse the object in the salt-water for a while. Just make sure you don't do this for objects that might get damaged. For example if the wand is wood it should be fine but if it has paints, dyes, feathers, etc on it this might not be an ideal process.

As for the act of charging things with energy, I can understand the confusion. The concept itself is a bit ambiguous because it covers so many things. And there are tons of ways to go about charging items with energy as well. The core of the idea is focusing your energy (ie thoughts, intent, will, or otherwise personal attention) towards a specific goal or purpose. For example with a wand, you might sit with it while in a natural setting and keep your thoughts focused on the wand and its purpose as a magical tool and a representation of your directed will.
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