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Name: b1ack_h01e
Location: i will only tell you if i can trust you, which can be quite difficult.
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My last bio messed up for some reason so i made this one to replace it. The basic Info: I'm a Aries My element is fire. (i believe) my aura blue.(that's the only color i see when i attempt to see it.) I'm mostly interested in hermeticism but i am interested in other things, for example Chaos Magick even though i'm not very good at it or have very much experience, i'm also interested in enlightenment even though i don't know very mush about it. What I like: 1. Anime 2. Games 3. The supernatural 4. The Occult 5. Heremticism 6. Mysteries 7. My bed 8. Food 9. Magick 10. Meeting people like me. What I do: 1. Study magick 2. Play games 3. Watch youtube 4. Watch anime 5. Go to School 6. Sleep 7. Eat food 8. Wait. I don't really know what else to say so I will go ahead and finish it off by saying I don't believe there is white and black Magick I believe there is only Magick.