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Unaccepting family

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Unaccepting family

Unaccepting family
By: / Novice
Post # 1
My family and friends are against me being a witch. They accept everyone else for who or what they are except me. They are so afraid yet do not give me time to explain. I've encouraged them to do some research before judging me and they refuse to. I keep my distance but I shouldn't have to. Any suggestions? Has anyone else been treated this way?
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Re: Unaccepting family
Post # 2
I'm afraid you will just have to keep silent and keep doing what you want to do. I know you should not have to but if they refuse to support you. Pearls before swine and all that!
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Re: Unaccepting family
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

It's a reality when you become a Witch/Do anything with your life - not everyone is going to like or agree - some will even refuse to do proper research to understand the subject - and they don't have to, it's their life - so it's their choice, the same as it was your choice to become a Witch.

I have been treated this way, other practitioners have been treated this way - here is what we did - Focused on ourselves and didn't give two cents to those who didn't like it, it's our life not theirs.

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Re: Unaccepting family
Post # 4
my parents treat me the same way. but its bound to happen. my little sister is becoming interested in magic. so im going to teach her everything i know. but we cant tell our mom. so i know how you feel.
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Re: Unaccepting family
Post # 5
hey guys i am an old soul meaning iv been here since the start of well everything. 4 centurys to be exact. in all 8 of my lives i have come to realizemagic isnt something you learn its a part of who your soul is.DONT LET ANYONE TELL U DIFFERENT. yes you can teach yourself how to do certain thingsbut if it dosent work out dont freak out
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Re: Unaccepting family
Post # 6
sorry phone died. anyway in anything that people want to lump into groups such as oh your a witch you must worship the devil. (sighhhh)iv come to just say let your true self come out. dont hide who you are. if true family wants to know the real you they will. if not its too bad for them.
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Re: Unaccepting family
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
One of the marks of wisdom is silence. I can understand wholeheartedly that desire to be able to be open about your practice with others. To be able to share ideas and even just casual conversation and otherwise get some sort of a sense of validation in what you are practicing.

However part of that desire to be free to talk about your practice also means you need to accept in turn their freedom to also talk about their opinions on it. So any time you want to bring up the topic take a moment to ask yourself if you are ok with the possibility of your audience challenging your ideas. If you are feeling up to discussing or debating your thoughts, then plunge away. If you feel not up to the task, then just don't worry about the topic and talk about other things.

It might pose you some value to reflect on why it feels important for you to announce your practice to others to begin with. Are you looking for recognition or validation? Or are you excited about your discoveries and want to share ideas? Or are you looking for people to share ideas with and try to open opportunities to learn new things? Understanding your own motives can be revelations on their own.

For example, if you are looking for people to give recognition or validation, why? Why do you feel the need to have the approval of others for a path you are walking in your heart? If it is to open opportunities or to learn new things, are you talking to the right people? Are there better ways to find people who would be more friendly to the topic, or are there places you can go where they like to hang out? (Like a local metaphysical/rock shop)

Also, trust in your instincts. Whenever you want to bring up a magical topic, pay attention to the signals of your mind and body. if you feel nervous or tense about it, or if you feel doubt or worry, then trust that signal and remain silent. If you feel comfortable about it, casual and relaxed, then go ahead. In all honesty magical and spiritual conversation has a tendency to come up all on its own when you are in an environment friendly to it. It will just drift its way into the conversation naturally without anyone even consciously doing it. If you are feeling like you need to force the topic out, or that you feel like you want to -make- the conversation about magic, then it's likely not the right place/time.
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Re: Unaccepting family
By: / Novice
Post # 8
I'm not looking for recognition. I want to share my discoveries because I care about them. I have learned so much. I'm so excited about it all but they are angry with me about it.
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Re: Unaccepting family
By: / Novice
Post # 9
if you're an adult they don't have any say in what you do.

it is very sad, and it is very painful, but you will need to reflect and ask yourself whats most important? is this path really the one you want to walk? are you willing to put your happiness over others, perhaps even distance yourself from them?

it's very painful, and not something you should take lightly, but sometimes walking away or distancing yourself is what you must do. i've been fortunate enough to find support from my loved ones to various degrees [mostly they just don't talk about it] no one has really disowned me, my dad left the house and came back an hour later pretending the conversation about me converting never happened. three years ago i hit a low point in my life and i began evaluating my priorities and focusing on what i wanted [which made a few people upset with me changing] while i didn't 'cut people from my life' i did reduce contact with those who made me feel bad. [only person i actually disowned was my uncle, it wasn't about my faith, but he did threaten me for a really dumb reason and i concluded i was through with all his abuse]

you can't force people to accept you, and you may still love them deeply, but in my experience, sometimes distance is best. it doesn't mean you love them any less [as i say about a number of people 'i love them with all my heart, i just don't like them'] one day they may come around and ask you to explain, they may not, you can only help yourself because you are willing.

i'm sorry i don't have better advice to give, some special way to make them see your point of view, problem is, some people are set in their view and refuse to be swayed, and we cannot force change. all we can do is try to understand their view and react the best way we see based on the situation. not knowing your family/friends i can only assume, but most people are either raised being told witches are evil by the church, or see witches in movies/stories and think the only people who are witches are either not real, or crazy people. so when someone comes up and says they're a witch, the reaction is typically fear or mockery. if they're too stubborn to hear you out, it's best to walk away and give it time.
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Re: Unaccepting family
By: / Novice
Post # 10
Thanks everyone for your thoughts so far. I think it's best if I continue to distance myself from them for the time being and find others who share my beliefs instead.
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