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Opening my astral senses

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Opening my astral senses
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Opening my astral senses
Post # 1
So apparently I need to learn how to see with the mind's eye. If someone could help me with that that would be great. I know 90% of you are going to say meditation but I'm going to need a little more information than that. A lot more.
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Re: Opening my astral senses
Post # 2
Well a lot of it is mediation, strenghtening your intuitivity, get a clear picture. But there are some instruments to help you. For example use a blindfold to not be confused. Now you can open your eyes during meditation, but your picture will not at all change. Its in my experience not that you see totaly clear like with your eyes. Its more like an inner picture in your brain. Thats why you don't want visual distraction, ergo using a blindfold may be a good idea.

You can also use crystals to help. For example amethyste is for breaking blockades. Also your mood is important. I prefer to remember happy events and things that made me smile befor doing magical work.
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Re: Opening my astral senses
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
The specifics will depend on exactly what your goal is. But practice is the answer. It is as much a skill as a talent.

For example, if you want to develop your ability with remote viewing. Find a person with whom to practice. On some boards, there are 'contests' held when someone feels like it. They set up some objects, and people attempt remote viewing, listing what they saw. Whoever gets closest is the winner, though no actual prize is given. A photograph is sometimes provided after, as proof of the objects in question.

If you mean something like seeing supernatural entities, auras, or something else which cannot necessarily be verified, again it comes with practice. Your results will come more from faith and belief. Also be aware that people sense entities differently; some may have a visual response, while some can sort of just know or feel a presence, for example.

The list could continue with things you choose to practice.
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Re: Opening my astral senses
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: Opening my astral senses
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
'Seeing with the minds eye' can mean a couple of different things. Do you mean as in practice in visualization, where you use imagination and will to create and hold a detailed mental picture or idea? Or are you referring to ideas of engaging the third eye to open your awareness towards energy, entities, spirit, and the like?

Usually saying that one needs to see something with the mind's eye means that they need to imagine it in a vivid and detailed way to make it feel living, vital, and present. Some people find this sort of thing easier than others. Especially as some people are naturally visual thinkers while others think more in words or concepts. The good news is that the basic principles work the same regardless, and so the exercises out there are pretty adaptable.

Meditation is indeed a good all around starting point, as that way you gain practice in several things at once. meditation itself is a hugely versatile tool, and is guided often through visualization combined with mindfulness and being in the present moment.

For example, release of stress can be done by translating the feelings of muscle tension or even emotional tension and other negative thoughts into a mental image that you would naturally associate with them. Like a dark mist, or little electric sparks, anything like that. Then once you have formed a connction between the image and the sensations, changing the image to reflect what you want to happen; in this example imagining the mist lifting away, or the electric sparks being cunducted out of your body into the ground. Or maybe a wave or warmth or light or water that would rise up through your body and lift or wash it away.

Any time you are finding a point of stillness and focus, and then using that mental state to employ simple (or complex) images to portray different actions or concepts, you are using visualization. And the more you do it, the more practiced you become as you find images that you connect with and can imagine and move aound or change more easily. And, of course if you have troubles working with mental imagery (picturing colors shapes and movement of each) try mentally describing things to yourself instead. Try to thing in self-referential and personal, active ways.

For instance, re-doing that previous visualization for relaxation you might start a train of thought like;

"I am feeling tension in my back and shoulders. It feels like I am anxious about something. I want to let go of that worry. My muscles feel like twisted ropes. It would be nice to be laying under a tree right now, with the sun shining through the leaves, making the light flickering and gentle, diffused but warm as it soaks into me. it feels like the light is warming my muscles, relaxing them, untwisting the ropes so they can be loose and flexible again."

The object would be to replace mental pictures with a mental narrative of sorts, one that is as visual and descriptive as you can manage, including sensations, emotions, temperatures, even smells in some cases. Describe it to yourself as if it was there and happening in that vety moment.

Getting some practice in this form of visualization will of course form a solid stepping stone into doing other activities like clearing, awakening, and opening your chakras- including the third eye which in turn is associated with spiritual awareness, auric sight, and when in combination with the crown also remote viewing, astral projection, and astral travel. When you feel like you are getting the hang of things with simpler visualizations, use those to develop a sense of awareness towards your chakras.

As a note, it is always advisable to work with all of them together. Pushing one or two to develop or open up beyond the rest can create some problems. First, the chakras are meant to counterbalance eachother. developing your attention towards the third eye and crown without having a balanced root can be like filling a hot air balloon without first placing in some ballast; it becomes really easy to lose one's grounding and 'get lost in the clouds'. The first exercises in this regard that I suggest is first clearing the chakras of the 'gunk', then forming a practice of improving the flow between the chakras so they can reach a sense of mutual support and balance. And then working to open them up and increasing their flow. And of course this can be done bit by bit, all together during one session of meditation.

Start with relaxation and calming of the body, then in mentally connecting your attention to each chakra in turn to become consciously aware of their presence. I usually go from the root up to the crown. Then imagine a process of cleansing running from the crown back down towards the root, clearing away blockages, and negative or low vibration energy that doesn't belong to send it 'down the river' and be grounded away once you reach the root. Then, beginning at the bottom again, work your way back up from chakra to chakra, imagining them being connected together with lines of light or similar channels that let the energy flow freely between them, evening them out until they become naturally balanced and aligned with each-other. Finally, use some personal image that represents a flow of energy inward from a higher source, or other place of positive energy. It can be sunlight, or universal energy, or earth energy, or maybe from a place of personal power or peace that you are familiar with like a waterfall or other natural setting. Or even a combination of them.
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