Love spell repellant

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Love spell repellant

Love spell repellant
Post # 1
Is there a spell that repels love spells? Cause I got involved with a crazy person, and I fear that they'll attempt to use a love sorrel on me. And while I can find spells to repel curses and stuff. I can't find any that could repel love spells, obsession spells and other spells of that variety. Can someone please help me with this?
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Re: Love spell repellant
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Personally I would suggest taking a moment to be still, take a breath, and let go of your tensions. There are a few reasons why it is likely you have nothing to worry about.

First, as someone practicing magic, you should be somewhat familiar with the hows and why's of what makes magic work and fail, one of the major parts being the will of the target. if you actively don't want a potential relationship to happen, then any magic intent sent your way would be in effect rejected.

Second, if you have been practicing magic for a while then you likely have also started to develop a level of personal awareness and experience on the presence of energies and outside influences, and so chances are good you would somehow become aware of the attempt, and again consciously dismiss the efforts.

Third, Your will is your own. Nothing (and I do mean nothing) can genuinely subvert that unless you give it away. Things might have influence, or provide inclinations and leanings towards one choice or another, but ultimately the end decision and action is a direct result of what you choose. The only person in power over you, is you.

If you are still concerned, you can always adapt one of the other repel spells into a counter love spell. Protective magic works on the same principles regardless of what it is designed for. it is about redirecting, grounding, returning, or breaking incoming energies and intents. if there is any chant or plea or statement of affirmation used in the spell you choose, just adjust the wording to be specifically against attempts to subvert your will. ^_^
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Re: Love spell repellant
By: / Novice
Post # 3
protection spells, regular cleansings, doing things to raise your vibrational energy, especially energy work so you can sense any energy shifts around you. i don't know if a love spell could be sensed but i've felt shifts in energy when someones cast on me, or around certain times [the eclipse or the start of mercury retrograde] it doesn't mean you'll always sense the energy around you, but you would be more aware when things seem off.
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