inner power/ higher self

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inner power/ higher self
Post # 1
i have no idear what it is or how to learn it so far all i found is people telling me its a personal journey and good luck (never telling me what it does or what it even is)

you cant get a straight answer no matter were you look so can some one please tell me and give me a accurate explanation so far its all been rather frustrating
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Re: inner power/ higher self
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
So you deleted your other thread with the exact same question, then made another, because you were not getting the answers you wanted?
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Re: inner power/ higher self
Post # 3
No I was gaged because I said profanity and the took down the post
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Re: inner power/ higher self
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I know how you feel. When I was first learning, in the books I read the authors always talked about meditation as something they did rather than instructions on how to do it yourself. it was frustrating to constantly read about insights and personal revelations gained by this apparently wonderful practice, without them once saying -how- they did it! i was banging my head on the table for ages trying to figure it out.

When I fnally clicked on the concept and the basic principle behind it, a lot of other stuff came together for me but it kind of became a pet peeve for me. Especially because in the end meditation is a very simple concept if only the people talking about it took just a moment to put a couple instructions into words.

Starting with the Higher Self, it is in essence just another term for one's soul. Some also use it to refer to the Super-ego or the source of your morality, motivations, and overall major personality traits that operate behind (and affect) learned traits and experiences. When people talk about conneting to their Higher Self, they are referring to gaining an awareness of and focus towards themselves as a spiritual being.

For some who believe in things like multiple lives, existence between lives, and paralell/concurrent incarnations this can get a little more complex, as it takes into account the malleable nature of soul, and for some the idea that one's soul can divide its attention/energy. Either comitting only a certain amount of focus into a single incarnation and leaving the rest behind to attend to other matters... or in dividing your attention between two or more lives at the same time if the individual feels like it has the gumption to pull it off. So in this concept, connecting with one's higher self is about gaining awareness of that part of yourself with enduring knowledge and experience from past lives and their lessons.

In either case, it is in essence about forming a concept of the difference between being a soul who inhabits a body, versus being a body who has a soul.

As far as inner power is concerned, think of it as having a sense of authority, confidence, and discipline, but focused on one's self instead of over others. Personal inner power comes from developing a sense of confidence and personal identity that allows you to speak and act in a definitive manner. To use an older term, a person who is exercising their inner power has the ability to act with a sense of gravitas and will.

As an example, when encountering a malicious entity that is trying to attack yo,u take your energy, or otherwise place you under a sense of oppression;

A person with little inner power would be more vulnerable to the event, quickly feeling helpless or giving away their identity and power, or otherwise entering a state of fear and vulnerability fairly quickly.

Meanwhile a person who has a developed sense of personal identity and confidence is more likely to recognize that the entity can not actually cause them any harm, and so can be confident in grounding away or releasing any negativity, and also capable of speaking and acting with a measure of authority and command when actively removing that entity from their presence.

Inner power is the personal ability to place a sense of identity, discipline, confidence, decisiveness, and authority into any act of will or intent.
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Re: inner power/ higher self
Post # 5
Thank you so much this is a amazingly helpful
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Re: inner power/ higher self
Post # 6
Your Higher Self is essentially the true, you, on your highest consiousness. They say it's a journey because it takes time to actually discover yourself, especially fully; it doesn't happen in a night. To some people it takes a whole lifetime and experiences are needed...

Inner power; every soul's potential is limitless but it takes time to develop it as well. And there are many types of powers (I so hate this word), from psychological to Magickal and so on. But discovering yourself and coming in contact with you could make you more stable, confident. For me also intuition started to develop in the spiritual awakening that took place at me and with a little bit of help-I found out some facts about myself. You could say intuition is an ability or power but I also discovered some others Magickal characteristics I possess. This was part of the journey, I didn't do anything for it. I'm not saying I know my true self; I'm far away from that.

Discovering yourself is a part of spiritual awakening and this is why it takes time. Patience is the answer, time is beyond your control and the time that events and this journey takes olace actually benefits you; no matter how harsh it may be.

This doesn't mean you cannot meditate on your essence or Higher Self or are not allowed to. Try to do it if you want. You will come in more contact with your Higher Self and potential/inner power, in any form, they are connected.
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