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Name: lynn28
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Hi,i'm looking for real powerful people that do magic! someone that has family history/secrets been passed on from generations to generations of magic/magic books.Im looking and wanting to learn from a real witch! i want to be one.i understand with power comes great responsibility.i just want a great chance of having more knowledge! I WILL NOT MEET YOU OFF THIS WEBSITE AND DON'T ASK ME TO SEND MONEY.DON'T PUT ME THROUGH A TEST ME TO SEE IF I'M WORTHY.I WILL AUTOMATICALLY STOP TALKING TO YOU. please contact me if you want to teach me FREELY!!! NO JUDGING ME OR ASKING ME WHY I WANT TO LEARN SPELLS OR CERTAIN SPELLS. I WILL STOP TALKING TO willing to LEARN.DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOUR NOT SERIOUS!!! DON'T COME ON MY PROFILE TELLING ME I DON'T BELONG HERE. I WILL NOT TAKE THREATS FROM ANYONE ON HERE!!