Protection from someone

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Protection from someone
Post # 1
There's a person who I guess you'd call a family friend, but they are very mean. They have a very short temper and I don't like being around them, they have hit me to the point of making me think that it is physically abuse. And I know I don't deserve to be hit, I know I deserve better than that. My parent's know how I'll tempered they can be. Can someone help me to write a spell? I understand spells are stronger when you write them yourself, but I'm not sure if I should do a binding spell or a protection spell, or both, or something else? I'm tried banishing yet still after a while they come back. And it's not like I'm thinking about them, but the spell does work, it lasts weeks or months. Ive done what I call revenge spells on them, not with bad intent though, my intent for the "revenge spells" are along the lines of "it's not fair that they hit me like that because I know I don't deserve it" and making peace with them doesn't seem like an option because I've tired that and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what I could do? By the way I can't call the police incase someone was gong to suggest that because I don't have physical proof like a mark or anything. I'm tired all the applicable mundane options. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Bless it be
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Re: Protection from someone
By: / Novice
Post # 2
if they're hitting you its wrong, once is too much, twice is abuse. report it if possible, but leave. stop being their friend, and don't put yourself in situations where you're around them ever again. if your parents are aware of the situation they too should avoid this person, perhaps call the cops if they've asked them to leave, have witnessed the abuse, and yet they return.

if i were you i would tell them to back off, if they try to return, repeat 'i told you to leave me alone' and walk away. if they threaten/attack you, call the cops. maigckally i would do a number of things. first i would try a banishing, or maybe even a hex [nothing big, just a magickal 'back off' push, but you don't have to if you don't want to cast curses/hexes] then i would cleanse my home spiritually as well as physically [any little reminders of this person should be thrown out unless you plan to use them in a spell] then protect yourself and your home [several ways to do this, but you can always combine spells. say hang a protection charm in each room, wear a protection charm, and sprinkle protection salt around the perimeter of your property] you can also try personalizing it as a 'protect me from this person' by using a picture or object of there.

of course spells do wear off over time, and you too need to put forth some effort, if you decide to cut ties forever, delete their number/email, block them on all sites, avoid places they frequent, tell your friends/family either not to invite them to hang out with you, or if they are hanging out you won't be joining. there's also the extreme end of moving and changing your number/email. evaluate for yourself [if you see them lurking or they attack you again, document all you can and bring it up with the police, you might be able to get a retraining order]
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