Frightened of my powers.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Frightened of my powers.

Frightened of my powers.
Post # 1
Hello, I have been interested in magick for 3 and a half years now.
I usually performed spells following the instructions or if casting my own spells, I knew what I was doing. Lately, I noticed a difference. For example, I've started muttering some really weird words along with the spells, it seems to make the spells stronger, but I have no idea what the words mean, neither do I remember any of the words after I cast the spell.
This just feels like I am not in control of my own magick. Can anyone help me with the situation or has anyone ever experienced this before?
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Re: Frightened of my powers.
Post # 2
Speech has a great deal of power. And rightfully so. Speech is the literal manifestation of thought, it transmits ideas, and through communication creates physical action. There is a reason the throat chakra is associated with the manifestation of the immaterial to the material.

Dig one layer deeper, and you easily understand that speech is made of words, which are simply collections of different sounds. Different wavelengths of vibrated air. And with a little study of language one understands that while the combinations of sounds; the use of differing forms of words, structure, and pacing, tends to matter fairly little. One can create a feasible language through almost any random combination of sounds. For easy proof; Klingon is a viable and used language. People have even translated,- and performed- hamlet in Klingon! (It's pretty damn cool by the way. You should watch a recorded performance on youtube.)

The point to my breaking this all down is that language and words when used in speech, communication, or magic, don't necessarily matter. It is merely the use of sound to put outward, or manifest, one's intent. And that sound can be put forth in any way you want as long as it carries the energy (emotion, intent, and personal significance) of what you want to express. The only audience in magic is yourself. unless you are leading a ritual with others and need to make sure they understand what is being said and intended so they can share in that intent to magnify it, you can make whatever sounds you want. Poetry, a book reading, a prayer, chant, or a grunt.

For evidence, just look at the use of sounds in the spiritual practices of other cultures. Yogic mudras, uses of Ram, fam, ohm, etc in meditation, warcries and chants to build and express power and bravery before battle, the use of chanted single sounds in magic to connect with and build specific energies, and even the use of tone and music trough drum, chime, bells, and the like. Those are just sound too, after all. they don't make words do they? Yet they create a specific and palpable energy.

A more modern example is easily found in music. Many groups produce epic and emotional, stirring and deeply personal pieces for their listeners while being completely unintelligible. because even if you can't understand the words, or if there ar eno words to beghin with, each note, each sound and vowel carries an emotion and an idea. something you relate to on a personal level beyond words.

heck, Pet owners can attest to being able to understand every yip, whine, body posture, meow, bark, hiss, growl, grunt, etc as if they were speaking plain english. And it is for the same reasons.

To that end, and -very- long story short, sound itself is a basic primal connection to emotion and intent. So at times, chant or other language-less expressions might actually give a person a deeper connection to the energy they are wanting to manifest than words might allow.
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Re: Frightened of my powers.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Personally I haven't but it's hard to say what's happening without being present. I have heard stories of group circles or drum circles where the energy seems to influence what individuals did. They weren't possessed by a demon or something, but the sound of the music invigorated them into jumping or singing some nonsense that felt right in the moment. You might have a similar thing going on, you're so into the casting you're letting your subconscious mind take over [or if you invoke a deity you could be allowing them to speak trough you] point is, you may wish to observe and/or reflect before, during, and after to decide for yourself.

If it worries you, perhaps pull back from spell casting and focus more on meditation or ritual, something spiritual but not a spell, just so you can try to focus and figure out what's happening [especially if these moments freak you out, you don't want to be casting in fear or doubt]
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Re: Frightened of my powers.
Post # 4
Thank you for the replies! They really help.
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