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Experience with Magic
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So since we are all practitioners of magic I thought about making this small thread so we could share our magical experiences
so we could talk about spells that have worked for us and how it felt, I remember the first time I casted a spell right and it felt amazing. I'm sure many can relate

have you guys witnessed visions? astral projected?
what kinds of forms of magic have you worked with?
do you follow a religion or your own path?

I've casted a lot of spells that worked and some that only worked a few days, or some that didn't seem to catch on at all (I said the chant wrong, my thoughts weren't cleared enough)

but I recall my first spell being a rain spell. it was amazing to see the rain come within a few days, things usually work in threes for me, three hours. days etc. so this was incredible and I wanted to learn more. doing this rain spell didn't take much and it worked over several times for me. afterwards I've casted many spells, once a friend and I lost contact with each other but I called them back to me and it worked. I have dreams that seem to tell the future or warn me of things to come, good and bad.

I don't have much money to buy lots of candles or things but i make do with what i have and the spells work out just as well.
I pray to God. Jesus. The Holy ghost. Angels, and actually the pagan goddess who I focus on most is Aphrodite, for my love and self confidence spells. I worked with Kali before which has been quite successful for my banishing spells and I've read on multiple gods and goddesses to find who really resonates with my purpose, they often guide me well and I am thankful plus i also work with the elements for which I am also thankful to.

Ive never really worked in a coven, I could if I wanted but I'm only twenty going on twenty-one so I am not ready for group interactions until I learn more of my own grey path.

I also tried to astral project but it usually ends in me collapsing back into my body, sometimes when im half asleep and half awake i can feel myself rising out of my body into the other realm but my consciousness fades away before I can see anything other than the rising.
I've seen lots of spirits and omens and truly believe there is more out there than we really know and there is more out there then science can even begin to explain.

and this is my magical experience, I have tried many spells and learned many, feel free to talk about your own paths and magical workings!!~~
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Re: Experience with Magic
By: Moderator / Adept
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