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The length of forum posts.

Forums ► Comments ► The length of forum posts.
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The length of forum posts.
Post # 1
I was just thinking wouldn't it be a good thing to set a limit for the length of posts and responses in the forums section. Sometimes the posts are too long and those of us who prefer reading brief notes really find this frustrating. I mean it's okay for moderators to write paragraphs as they are considered knowledgeable and most of the time their responses are useful and based on facts rather than the usual opinion based posts by other members. Sometimes you end up not reading the responses to your own post because again these are usually too lengthy.

Re: The length of forum posts.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
There is a length limit for posts. If a post is too long, it will cut off portions of it once it is posted (I've found this out personally a few times.) I like that the post length is so long, personally. For those of us that write lengthy, informative posts, (be it mods or otherwise) it makes it much easier to fit everything we need to say into one post instead of having to post multiple ones.

Moderators are not the only members here that are knowledgeable either. We have quite a few respected and knowledgeable members here that post and respond with helpful information. These members post information based on facts, research, and experience, not personal opinion. Having the ability for everyone to post long posts makes it easier for everyone to post information in one spot so that it is easier for all of our members to find and read it in one sitting.

Generally, people usually do read the posts others make, especially if they are in response to their own post. If you do not that is a personal preference or issue. If you find it frustrating to read such posts, then I'd suggest reading portions and then taking a small break before reading the rest, if it is too tedious for you to do in one sitting.

Re: The length of forum posts.
Post # 3
Quite true, I have came across a lot of members who are in my opinion very knowledgeable and yet have a beginner, novice or no reputation at all. True indeed.

Re: The length of forum posts.
Post # 4
OMG! You should be happy that some people take the time and effort to write an in depth post about something they are passionate about. This is how others learn. By reading! How on earth do you manage to get through a book?

Re: The length of forum posts.
Post # 5
I used to read a lot in the past but I just became quite lazy over the years. I don't see myself reading a book these days.

Re: The length of forum posts.
By: / Novice
Post # 6

Please keep in mind Moderators are not the only members of this site which are "Knowledgable". Moreover, members with a lower rank or no rank still have very credible experiences, ideas, and concepts to contribute. If you dislike how long someones post is or how long the reponse is, don't read it and move on. You have no right to attempt to stifle non-Moderators or members with lower rank. This site is not for elitests or those with a superiority complex. Everyone's voice is allowed to be heard.

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