Masculine/Feminine energy

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Forums -> General Info -> Masculine/Feminine energy

Masculine/Feminine energy
Post # 1
How can you tell the difference between masculine and feminine energy amongst spirits like your guides. What does it feel like?
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Re: Masculine/Feminine energy
Post # 2
I guess not only spirits, but with people to.
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Re: Masculine/Feminine energy
Post # 3
I have been wondering this too, i cant sense diferences in energy very well so i have my friend help me with it.
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Re: Masculine/Feminine energy
Post # 4
it is pretty difficult to put into words really. The difference is there, but it is a subtle one. I think the main reason is because gender, in general, has no real meaning on an astral/spiritual level. Energy is just energy, there isn't any biology to go along with it. It is more a measure of personality. So really it has to do with what sorts of thoughts and images come to mind from the feel of the energy. Like if it makes you think of a fatherly figure versus a motherly one.

By way of example, My own guide comes across as a male energy. Whenever I refer to my guide, I by habit use the words he or him, using 'her' doesn't feel right to say. When I have thoughts in reference to him, they come across in a deeper, more male tone and timbre.
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Re: Masculine/Feminine energy
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Masculine and feminine energy has nothing to do with gender. The terms were assigned centuries ago by alchemists to describe certain qualities of activity. Masculine energy is active. It is energetic, forceful and powerful. However, masculine energy has no form. Feminine energy is receptive. It is soft, peaceful and, whe combined with masculine energy, creative. Feminine energy has form, but since it is not active it can not create by itself. Energy without form does not manifest anything. Likewise, form without the energy to create does not either.

Alchemists and magicians viewed the physical world as the mirror or exact copy of the spiritual world. Or, more correctly, the spiritual world manifest in the physical plane of existence. Therefore, this thory of masculine and feminine energy originated from the sexes and reproductive cycles. man was seen as the representation of active energy because he gave energy to the woman during the reproductive cycle. Woman was seen as the representation of the feminine energy because she received the energy from the man and gave it form as a child. One could not reproduce without the other.

In our magical practice this is true as well. We must take the active, masculine energy within us and join it with the feminine within us to produce magical effects. This could be viewed as the intent of the conscious mind combined with the creativity and form of the subconscious to produce results. Both exist in everything because we can not have existence without both form and energy. Alchemically, the balancing and combining of the masculine and feminine is one of the most important processes in the completion of the Great Work and is depicted by the combining of fire and water.

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Re: Masculine/Feminine energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
In literature and mythology, masculinity and femininity play a role as well.
Masculinity is usually symbolized by a straight shape because the energy and nature of it tends to tackle obstacles head-on. Aggression is a masculine trait because it takes from the nature of confrontation. That's why elements like fire and earth are more associated with masculinity.
Femininity on the other hand is more associated with round shapes much like the shape of a woman's stomach when she is with child. The energy is more thoughtful and less confrontational. Feminine nature is to move around obstacles rather than take them on. That's why the elements air and water are more feminine symbolically.
All this has very little to do with gender. There are as many masculine females as there are feminine, and the same can be said for men.
It is the mixture of both that creates balance. Being too confrontational can result in fights and a lack of thinking things through just as being too anti-confrontational can result in never being heard and always being taken advantage of.
Opposites are part of the core nature of everything. Science and religion are often viewed as opposites, just as masculine and feminine, nature and technology. Understanding each side and being able to embrace both sides to find a balance can help in magic, spirituality, and every day life.
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