aspiring ki fighter

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aspiring ki fighter
Post # 1
as my subjects says, i am a ki fighter in training. I mainly train solo, but once fully trained, and I am powerful enough, I plan to get to work going to hot spots and troubled areas around the globe to combat the biggest forces of evil in the world today--without the use of weaponry.

I have mastered basic direction of my energy as well as drawing energy, but I have quite some ways to go before i am ready. and I ask for help in getting to where i want.

Re: aspiring ki fighter
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: aspiring ki fighter
Post # 3
However. The way I am going to defeat the groups causing trouble as find their leader, and bind his ability to bring harm to both himself and others--thus winning the battle. The concept is simple: Once the general losing his ability to command, his army loses the ability to fight and thus in turn, loses the battle, and in turn, the war.

Re: aspiring ki fighter
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
No offense but this sounds like something from Dragon Ball or Avatar.

Re: aspiring ki fighter
Post # 5
well. the author of Dragon ball did base a lot of what you saw on stuff like ki. so i am not surprised at how similar it does sound

Re: aspiring ki fighter
Post # 6
It is great to note that you do value the basics. Going out there to combat all 'evil forces' seems like a lot of work. But then again I don't think any two people define evil identically. With that said I don't think you can combat all 'evil'. Maybe the evils that directly affect you can be influenced but if something involving evil has no connection to you at all I don't see how you can play any part.
And Dragon ballz is fiction.

Re: aspiring ki fighter
Post # 7
dragon ball is fiction, but hey. It's a really good show--therapeutic even. and plus some of the stuff here looks remarkably similar to what i have seen. And it is what inspired me to learn how to use ki to begin with.

Re: aspiring ki fighter
By: / Novice
Post # 8
I applaud your desire to combat evil. For whatever its worth, I would recommend starting more locally. Make the lives of those around you better for having you in it. Call out hypocrisy and be a good friend.

It may seem small or trite but it really isnt.

good luck!


Re: aspiring ki fighter
Post # 9
I plan to start at home helping make my city crime free. There are a number of small gangs that have been responsible for most of the crime. I plan to find their leaders and blind their ability to do harm using a potion i apply to my hands that binds anyone who shakes my hand to me.

The command I'll give them is simple: "never do crime again"

do that to them, and they'll no longer be able to function as a criminal, they'll no longer be a threat to anyone, and without their leadership, their gang will stop functioning and dissolve on its own accord.

I am a believer in giving all a second chance

Re: aspiring ki fighter
Post # 10
I absolutely agree it may take longer than a lifetime to even recognise all 'evil' involved in one's immediate surroundings. It is not a small thing, requires concentration and continued consistency.
But CSonredna I can only assume that you do acknowledge that the 'potion' you mentioned is only theoretical.

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