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Question - Spirit guide

Forums ► Spiritual Creatures ► Question - Spirit guide
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Question - Spirit guide
Post # 1
I am new to this. I was wondering if a spirit guide would be able to help me find the right path to take in the world of magic? I would like to discover which type magic would be best for me and begin learning all I can about the ways and how it works. Any advise would be appreciated.

Thank you ~ Blessed Be!
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Re: Question - Spirit guide
Post # 2
This is actually a little more tricky of a question to answer than one might think. I can only speak through personal experience in regards to the helpfulness of being in contact with a spirit guide as well, so bear that in mind.

Personally I found it a great help and comfort to have contact with my guide. The nature of our relationship has been a pretty close one, as he has helped act as a personal sounding board for many of my reflections, thoughts, and foibles. And he has helped to nudge me towards avenues of thought and learning I hadn't considered. ... Along with giving me the occasional poignant cuff upside the head when I would start getting melodramatic or start taking myself too seriously.

In the end, Guides aren't here to give us answers though. they are here to help us find our own. To that end i find it pretty typical for them to answer questions with questions, or by giving a flat truth about yourself that may be the cause of what is holding you back. Instead they act to help you along in achieving the goals you have chosen for yourself. Pointing out information, or helping you be more aware of synchronicities that would give information, or create opportunities. But the rest is still left up to you.

For example, Asking a guide for a spell or information to help you with a particular problem might not have them dictate a solution to you, but they might one day (and seemingly randomly) suggest you take a trip to the store, and if you go, you might find yourself with an inexplicable desire to grab a particular book you see, or to talk to a person, or go out with a friend for coffee, etc. And then in those places you would be likely to find some information or quote or proverb or have that friend say something that would lead you closer to the answer you were looking for.

Basically, they work to help keep you aware of yourself and the synchronicities around you. So in your case of looking for help in finding your path, they would indeed help. But not by telling you what to do. Instead they would likely ask questions of you, and inspire you in ways to look inward and be aware of the things you have already done that you found fulfilling or that seemed to come naturally or instinctively. And in so doing, while it won't give you a direction to take, it will help you in choosing one for yourself.

On the topic of finding your path in general, the best I can suggest for now is to not worry about making that choice right off the bat. heh I found the more I tried to find a path the more I just stood there spinning in circles. In the end, I have come to find that when I moved forward the most in my journey, was when I just concentrated on moving forward instead of wondering where my feet were taking me. So I don't hunt for information so much as snap it up whenever it presents itself. Whenever I find there is a situation with myself or others that I can act on, I do so to the best of my capacity. Even when I knew almost nothing, even if I only had one idea or thought, I would share it. And if people told me I was wrong or foolish or silly or off balance (Or a fluffy twit) i would swallow my pride and listen to their explanation as to why. Even if it does not change my view on what I said, it still gives me information and teaches me something.

It took me several years to start understanding my own path, and it came from a combination of reflecting on what i was doing in the present, and comparing with what I have learned and done in the past. Most of it surrounded energy, healing, protection, and helping others. And so that has become my personal litmus test on what I choose to learn and grow from.

From this I found my own philosophy has become one where one can not truly see the paths you are walking. You can only look backwards and understand the trails you have already followed. You are already walking your path, it is just a question of reaching a point where you can look back and put an identity to it, if you even still want to name it by that point.
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Re: Question - Spirit guide
Post # 3
Thank you so much.
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Re: Question - Spirit guide
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It is common believe that people should pick a certain path and follow it to the last letter, until they exhale their last breath. However, this is not a concept that would work for the most of the people, who have been in the craft for very long time. Most spiritual beings realise this and they come and go, as you grow fond of them and attune to them and outgrow them. Why is that the case?

The only path worth following is the path that matches your own self and personality. However, the human self is a construct and if you are progressing on your journey it changes, or at lest your conception of it changes. Your personality has been influenced as well by numerous genetic traits, experiences and people and spiritual beings that were influential in your life. As with human connections, some spiritual connections you outgrow and you no longer need them or they no longer match your frequency and you or they move on. After that, new ones are formed which are more suitable to the new you.

Having said that, each one of us have natural inclination to works the best with at least one group of spiritual entities. The reason for that is your soul energy blue print matches the best their frequency. Usually, you always run into one or another member of this group. For me this type of spiritual beings always have been the spirits of the dead. That does not mean that eventually you cannot work with other types as well. But for that to happen some internal paradigm shift should happen, if that does not come natural to you.

I agree that benevolent spirits usually do not instruct you what to do, what to not do and what to follow. I have been instructed what to do, only when, I was very stupid and I was so deep in trouble it could have costed me my life. Other than that, they would not interfere for any single simple problem you are facing daily. The key to spiritual growth is developing awareness of your weaknesses and mistakes.If someone/something always steps in to prevent you do to something stupid, you will learn zero.

If you want to know which type of spirits are more suitable for you pay, attention to your emotions, preferences, thoughts and inclinations. Spirits that you perceive also show what is your type of natural inclination towards the craft. Pay attention to your hunches and dreams and write them down, because sometimes a pattern can emerge after years, but you might not remember previous events. People are guided very often, but they just pay no attentions consciously. Then just try things and see what feels good and right and brings you joy and bliss.

Sometimes we have older affiliations from past life or lives. You might not be aware that you have them to begin it. For example, I had such towards very unpleasant, dangerous and negative group of beings. They become the bane of my existence because they would persist that they have the right to be in my life, but I denied it. I could not move on from this deadlock , until I did not remember my past life, healed some internal wound and changed my frequency. I had to release all these emotions, memories and realise all these mistakes I did, so I could move on.Then, they finally were aware that that I am no longer this person that decided to have some connection with them. The new me was not the old me, so this connection was no longer suitable for me. They had to move on because I moved on.
That does not mean that all has been forgotten and nothing has been learnt.

I see the guides more like allies than anything else. They are like them friends that can listen to you, let you do your thing and learn, can advise you or step in to save you from your own stupidity, if the matter is on life and dead. Many people get confused by the word "guide". People just imagine that someone will hold them for hand and guide them each step on the way.
And this is the easiest way to prevent someone to develop spiritually. If you are not learning and developing on your journey, there is not even point of you embarking on it and wasting your time. You will end up as you started.

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Re: Question - Spirit guide
Post # 5
Thank you both for your post. This really helps me a lot and I do appreciate everything. Feel free to give any advice you are willing to share. Thank you so much. ~ Blessed Be!
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