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Chakra book
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have been getting into chakras. I think my blockage is by my chakras. I don't know really, I could be wrong about the chakras ( i don't know much about chakras or energies). Now back to the question. I have checked out a book form the library. The title is chakras for beginners by David Pond. Is this a good book?

I have problems on visualization. I have tried larks way of visualization and many others but nothing. What should I do? Keep this in mind I did it over and over, I am still doing it, but I see darkness still. Can I just do it with my eyes open? And my eyes keep popping open when I try to visualize and for mediation. Why dose that do that?
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Re: Chakra book
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

I'll try to break it down as much as I can.

Don't force your mind to see anything, simply imagine it. It could be you're trying to remember details a little too much, instead, take the object and visualize the simple things of it, then, when you're ready, you can start by adding the details of the object one at a time. You don't 'have' to close your eyes during meditation. It could take years before you get this all down, be patient and someday you will be able to successfully do it, make it a daily thing if possible.

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Re: Chakra book
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I'll give that a try blue, thank you. I might have been pushing myself a little to hard.

I also forgot to add this in: what chakra books would y'all recommend for a beginners? I don't like reading off the net that much, I like the books better.
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Re: Chakra book
Post # 4
Here are two good books that I have read which focus on chakras, energy, and auras.

The book of Chakras; Ambika Wauters
Wheels of life; Anodea Judith

A lot of authors reference chakras in their works, but usually it is just a chapter or two within larger compilations of information. For example Linda goodman's star signs, which talks about several topics. As well as 'western body eastern mind', and any book that covers energy, healing, meditation, or astral/spiritual travel.

Books specifically centered on the chakras, aura, etc are usually more difficult to find. Especially in recent authors. I think it may be an effect of the topic being written and re-written over the years with little fundamental change other than the occasional person adding a chakra here or there that they have come to recognize but aren't typically as important as the basic seven. For example some have mentioned an eighth chakra at the knees, others have mentioned a 'cosmic' chakra above the crown, some mention wing chakras, etc. Like anything else, just make sure to evaluate what you read and compare notes with other sources along with your own sensibilities and intuition.
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