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Spell won't work!

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Spell won't work!
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Spell won't work!
Post # 1
I have been casting a love spell, well actually several love spells for about 3 weeks now. Not a single one has worked. I have meditated alot, focused, used oils and herbs, thanked the gods etc, and followed the instructions. But 3 weeks later, still nothing is happening. Where am I going wrong?

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Re: Spell won
Post # 2
Love spells mess with someone's free will, and since it does that, the subject has to be willing in order for it to work. Or I think so anyway. Plus love spells are for selfish people, who don't know how to go up to that person and to fix things and also to ask them out. It's simple if you just let your emotions show themselves. Anywho, hope I amused you or helped you out ^-^
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Re: Spell won
Post # 3
Silent, you're so naive. It is selfish but so is everything. Everyday you are being selfish. The hamburger you ate, a life had to be taken so you could live. Is that not selfish? Life is selfish. Any spell can be classified as selfish. Protection, hexes, love, luck, money, health--all of it is for personal gain. Don't play like you're better than moon because you aren't. You are selfish, moon is selfish, I am selfish, humanity is selfish.
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this makes no sense
Post # 4
So, now I'm confused. You'll have to forgive me becasue I am fairly new to magic, but I don't get this!

Spells only work if they are not selfish spells? Well then that would include the vast majority of spells surely? and that kinda leads me to the next point.

When I read the forums on here, there are loads of posts for things like becoming a mermaid or a vampire, or slowing time etc... which people advise each other on...my god, thats really bizarre out there stuff, its not your normal everyday run of the mill stuff, and surely messing with your identity or time has got to be really selfish....very few people question this....yet when anyone asks about love spells, you get all this free will stuff moral stuff going on, which I don't disagree with, but its just a bit hypocritical when you read some of the other stuff on here, which lots of people think is ok. I keep reading replies like, can't make someone love you!!! OK, I agree, its wrong to put a spell on someone to make them love you, and as a general rule (excluding magic) u can't make someone love you, its not possible, if they don't, they don't, move on with life. But, if thats the case, why do the spells exist in the first place? and more to the point, if there are so many of these spells, why do so many people on here say you can't make someone love you. Its like a mass exodus on love spells lol...if love spells don't work cos of the free will thing.... then magic is not really that magic is it...if you need free will to make it work, then why would you need magic, you'd just sort it out yourself....do you get what I mean lol

Free will is messed about with all the time, even without the use of magic...I know mine is on a daily basis....usually, someone inflicts guilt, or duty, or just plain old pressure on me to get me to do what they want and it does work, because thats life, we all do things we don't want to do, because we feel pressured.

If love spells don't work because of the free will thing... why do love spells even exist? and there are 1000's of them, from the basic make him notice you variety, up to the make him obsessed with you and bind him to you for life variety, so if free will comes into it, how would these spells actually work regardless?

Actually, do love spells even work anyway? I know there are loads of them, but does that mean they work?

And then theres the poppet variety, surely thats messing with free will, but loads of people try them! and then there are 100's of voodoo and hoodoo practitioners that swear blind htey work...and thats without free will!!! So, do they work.

This topic has really confused me, cos now I'm thinking, if spells only work when they aren't selfish, then how the hell can magic work.....it can't can it, because most spells are to give us something we want....so either they work whether they are selfish or not....or magic doesn't work at all! and if it doesn't work at all, then wahts this all about lol

If magic only works on things where free will is required, then magic is not magic....am I making sense, or just rambling lol

I would love to hear others thoughts on this

Izzie x
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Re: Spell won
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Love spells do work, but you need to be careful when you cast them because of free will. If you cast a love spell on a specific person then you may be able to do what you "wished" for, however, what happens and for how long is the question. You might get that person to love you but it will not be forever or it will be forever and one day you may not want that person's love anymore. Do you understand? Spells are a science, you have to understand how they work and what can happen when you cast one.

As for getting to the point of understanding how to cast one you have to practice. Sometimes it is a matter of recasting a spell in a different way. Change how you do things just a little. Rely on you instincts and research as much as you can. "God" plays a large roll in spell casting. It is like a prayer and you are asking "god" to change something in your life. "God" will have the final say in weather you will recieve what you ask for. Magic is all around us, open up your sences and experience it.
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Re: Spell won
Post # 6
obsession is the problem, you are worrying too much about the result and in doing so you aren't releasing the energy to complete it's task, once we do a spell we need to banish the idea as to let it materialize quicker.
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Re: Spell won
Post # 7
Love spells do work.If you cast a spell say,to bring your true love,someone to spend eternity with then you are not messing with free will .If you cast a spell on a specific individual then you are more than likely messing with their free will.For instance most people would not resort to magic to get someone to love them unless all other means had already failed.If that is the case the free will of the other was to NOT love you.and if you use magic to change this their free will is taken out of the picture.It will probably still work,but the end result will more than likely not be what you want.As far as being selfish,I guess that depends on how you define selfish.I guess all magic can be made to seem self serving in some way,phiscally,spiritually,or mentally if you realy try to make it so.I would just remember the rule of 3 fold and make sure I had the right motives for any spell.I am sure there will be people that have more knowledge than me that will disagree,these are only my beliefs and rules I follow,Peace in Life
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Re: Spell won't work!
Post # 8
well thats your problem you think about when it is going to happen or how you shouldent think about that when you cast a spell like that all you do is not think about it just go on your daily life like it never happend and then it might work if it dosent happen in three weeks then it probley takes longer it might depend on the person you want to fall in love with you i have never tryed a love spell and dont plan too because its wrong to make someone like you against there will
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