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Who to Ask for Readings?
By: / Knowledgeable
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The Problem

Many members are seeking divination readings from others, preferably for no charge. The problem is that many of these members don't understand what is and isn't the right way to go about getting a reading.

Many of the members who have been around for a while start to get a tad infuriated by the number of rude and pushy messages from people wanting divination readings, with no common curtesy to the person they are asking.

So, I am laying out some basic common curtesy for who you should and should not ask for divination readings from and how to go about it.

This is less about what to ask for in a reading, and more the way to find the right reader for you.

Read the Person's Profile.

If you are planning on asking someone for divination readings because you found their forum or chat information interesting or just because you like their profile photo, please read their profile.

Many members on this website clearly state on their profile, that they don't do readings.

If you don't read their profile to check whether they do readings, and they don't, you are likely going to get a stern no to your request.

Reading a profile before messaging someone is a general common curtesy, not reading it beforehand is a little rude especially when asking for assistance.

Don't Ask Regardless if their Profile Says No.

If someone has stated in their profile that they don't do divination readings, and you have read their profile ,don't ask regardless, their answer will be no.

We get so many messages a day that go something like: "So I saw you don't do divination readings, but I was wondering If you could just do one for me, please?"

If someone says they don't do readings, don't ask for one, there are many other members who do.

Don't get Pushy and Angry if there is a Waiting List.

Some people, do openly accept divination readings, after all, it is good practice, but if you get put at the end of a waiting list, don't fly off the handle and start demanding you be pushed to the top of the queue.

You may believe that your questions are more important than anyone elses, but a waiting list is a fair system, be prepared when asking that you may be put on one.

Ask What Kind of Readings the Member Offers.

If a member states they are accepting readings, ask what kind of readings they are offering, or ask for a specific type of reading.

Don't just ask for a "reading" as this can mean many things, you may be expecting tarot cards and they use runes, or oracle cards, etc.

If you know they do divination readings, ask for the kind that they do so you know that this is the type of reading you are looking for.

Specify the Topic of the Reading.

Before someone does a reading, they are going to need the topic, but some individuals are strict with what they offer, often no illness or legal readings as the outcome may not be what you want to hear and it may not end up matching what the reading depicted.

Some members specify this is their profile, if they don't, ask them nicely.


If someone says they do or don't give divination readings, the last thing they want to see is a mail message with no subject that just says, "Give me a reading".

If you send someone a message with no hi or hello, please or thank you you are likely to get no response or a negative one.

Especially if this member is offering readings for no fee, be polite, ask them how they are, have a conversation, rather than demanding a reading straight off the bat.

If the Answer is No.

If they don't do the type of reading you are after, won't do a reading on the subject you are having trouble with, don't do readings at all, or are going to have to put you on a waiting list, don't get angry.

I myself have had people send responses back from an apologetic no on doing a reading with, "Clearly you are just too lazy to give me a reading. ", other responses may be, "Can't you just do it for me?" or "but this is really important".

If the member you have asked has declined, don't get angry and assume you are the one in charge of when and how they do readings. You are asking for a free service from someone and if they are unable to give you a timely reading maybe try a different member who offers an alternative divination service.

Look out for Forum Posts offering Readings.

This is the best piece of advice I can give when it comes to finding a willing divination reader. Look out for forums where people are actively advertising divination readings, they will be under the advertisements section of the forum.

These people are expressing their desire to do readings for others, send them a message regarding this, try to follow the common curtesys stated above and they are likely going to give you a reading if they have the time.

Consider Reading Yourself.

Most importantly, remember that divination readings aren't something only a few select people can do.

If you really need a reading or frequently ask for readings from other people, consider teaching yourself how to do a divination reading on yourself.

So many people assume you need a special gift to be able to read tarot, or tea leaves, when in reality it is a skill that we have learned, and so can you.

I really hope this helps those looking for divination readings from members on the site, I have tried not to be too negative but these are the main pit-falls people fall into on a regular basis and I am aware of many other members having the same problems.

Divination readings are a wonderful thing to get, but some members are driven away from offering readings because of the few rude individuals that ruin it for everyone.

Hopefully these quick guides can help you identify when to send someone a message, and when to check the advertisements section, or even, learn to read yourself.

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Re: Who to Ask for Readings?
Post # 2
Wonderful advice Hearth.
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Re: Who to Ask for Readings?
Post # 3

Love how you adressed many points that people need to be aware of. Really good written.

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Re: Who to Ask for Readings?
Post # 4

All good advice. You touched on all of these much needed points. Thank you for making this! :)

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Re: Who to Ask for Readings?
Post # 5

Amazing forum! Hopefully, the people who do ask for readings will read this!

Blessed Be.


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Re: Who to Ask for Readings?
Post # 6
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