Become more evil/dark

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Become more evil/dark
Post # 1
Over the years I've gotten a lot of comments from my friends or other people like family. Sometimes they tell me to stop being so nice but when I try to be mean I end up being nice and some people take advantage of that. I am positive I want to become more mean or dark I would even say I would turn full evil (if possible) to stop being too nice and stop people from taking advantage of me. Do any of you know any spells for this.
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Re: Become more evil/dark
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Something like this is not something you would need a spell for. If people are taking advantage of you take charge. Don't let people do that, let you be the judge. Being nice is not a bad thing, just know when to be more stern with people. I hope this helped :)
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Re: Become more evil/dark
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
There is a technique/ritual in Ceremonial Magic, which allows you to banish unwanted aspects and characteristic, within yourself, by externalising them in some form and then breaking their connection with your being. It is included in the "Modern Magick" book by Donald Michael Craig. I guess you can use that, but usually it is performed after you have master at least the first 2 basic rituals. These two rituals are the LBRP and the Middle Pillar ritual. However, before attempting that you would need to sit down and reflect very deeply on why you have become this type of person. Once you have realised the root cause, you can start trying to overcome the habitually learned desire and inclination to be super nice. For most people, it is both natural inclination and a personal quality usually taught and reinforced by caregivers and society. It takes awareness and persistence to say "No", which not always means that you are mean to people. Sometimes it is for their own good to get a "No" as an answer. You will just have to start somewhere at some point and keep standing for yourself and saying "No". At first, will be very difficult, but as they say practice makes perfect. If you incorporate the magical side, and really put your mind into creating and reinforcing a different new habit on daily basis with time you should be able to change yourself. It will take time though. Meaningful changes never happen within a day of mental,emotional,physical or magical work, but when they happen they happen to last. Being consistent and persistent on all levels is the key. Persisting only magically will just not suffice. It has to become a reinforced behaviour through repetition and practice. The reason for that is because we did not become who we are for a day, we become who we are with years of experience and practice and adapting to living our lives. It is unrealistic to expect that just one spell and or ritual will undo all of the work you consciously or unconsciously have done to be who you are today. Spell or/and ritual or self-reflection are just the first step of long process.
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Re: Become more evil/dark
Post # 4
I suppose one major step in helping you to develop some healthy boundaries is to first understand that saying 'no' isn't dark, or evil. Nor does it mean you have to stop being nice.

it is more about what Plato used to call the Golden Means. or in other words, to find a balancing point between fulfilling the desire to be helpful to others, and being willing to say 'no' when that helping becomes detrimental to your own well being.

One of my favorite sayings is "Physician, heal thy self." And in a way it applies here as well. A physician can not effectively heal others if they are themselves unhealthy, because they are either going to wear themselves out and worsen their own condition (possibly becoming dangerous) or they are going to pass that illness on to those he/she is trying to help.

The same goes for a lot of things. As an example, it is fine to lend a friend ten bucks if they really need it, but if they are asking you for money every day and, more importantly, expecting you to provide it, then it becomes abusive, and can be a source of personal stress and financial strain as well. it is no good to give away money if it means you won't be able to pay your own bills.

Also, there are many ways to help people. Using money as an example again, if someone is constantly asking you might be better served by giving the person a few job applications you have collected, or offer to help them with their resume. Or if you have a job yourself, over to give them a recommendation if they apply at your workplace. or you could offer them advice on saving money if they are willing to listen to some ideas.

Practice keeping your mind active when people ask for help, and don't be afraid to counter-offer people's requests with more permanent or more valuable solutions, along with deciding on a personal boundary on what you are willing to give of yourself. If you feel yourself coming up on that boundary, or if you ever get a feeling of anxiety or frustration when a person is asking you for help, that is a strong sign that it is time to step aside and consciously evaluate the situation.
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Re: Become more evil/dark
Post # 5
I do agree with the things ayou are saying and how to make people not use me but I just always can't do that. It's the fact that it's been hard to change it that's lead me to go to magic to prevent it from happening again. I want too know what it's like for me to be mean and show a lot of people the effect of using me. That is my purpose for this spell
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