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Name: Freya.bloom
Location: Australia
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Hi everyone. Welcome to my profile! My witch name is Freya. I've been practicing witchcraft for 4 years now. I consider myself a wedge witch, I'm an eclectic pagan and I'm a Leo. I'm a language fanatic and am currently learning German, Korean, Indonesian and Auslan. I am priestess of the air element coven and if you have any questions regarding the coven or applications mail me. My spirit animal is the gecko. I have a very strong interest in mythical and spiritual creatures with my main study in dragons. In my free time I enjoy drawing, writing (mail me if areinterested in reading my YoonMin fiction),watching anime (SAO is my favourite), listening to music (bts is bae) and contemporary dance.

My current practices/interests are:

Dragon magick, Crystals elixirs, Knot magick, Crystal healing, Charm bags, Crystal grids, Astral projection, Enchanting, Cloud Scrying, Herbal infusions and Energy manipulation. If you have any questions about these topics I will happily answer them to the best of my ability.

The Air Element:

The air element coven welcomes anyone from all levels of experience and religions. We are a small coven looking for members who are active. We have information on a large variety of topics in our forum so it's a great place to learn and share. To apply simplysend your application to either myself or the priest Enigmawolf