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Twin Flames/ Soulmates/ K

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Twin Flames/ Soulmates/ K
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Twin Flames/ Soulmates/ K
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 1
So I am putting a video and article together. It will be about Twin Flames, Soulmates, and Kindred Spirits. So I would like to know your opinion.

What do you feel is the difference?

Do you think you have met your Twin Flame/Soulmate/Kindred spirit? H

ow would you describe your experience? If you haven't met them, what do you expect from the experience of meeting them?

Thank you :)
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Re: Twin Flames/ Soulmates/ K
Post # 2
no i have not yet because im 14 and it will be hard i think because maybe your twin flame is from another country at this time maybe you cannot find it and he/she can be with you all the time and you cant feel it until you find out that you have a kind of feelings for that person i think this video will be very useful i hope fr you the best akashaowolf
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Re: Twin Flames/ Soulmates/ K
Post # 3
Elizabeth Clare Prophet's group: Universal Church Triumphant, or SummitLightHouse.org has excellent information on Twin Flames and Soulmates. Unfortunately it looks like they have become money hungy,.. I'm not seeing the info on the web any longer.

I can tell you from my own experience.

I feel that I have met my soulmate, twin flame, and kindred spirit and star seed. I was able to talk all night to her about all kinds of topics. And we were able to also talk about topics of a sexual nature without having to feel like we had sexual feelings for each other, which we didn't, it was plutonic.

I also have had very deep bonds with my wife,.. however,. I think the soulmate, twin flame, kindred spirit and star seed goes beyond that.

As time has progressed I've spoken with my twin flame/soulmate, etc, less and less. We met of all places on the facebook. But we are still good friends.

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Re: Twin Flames/ Soulmates/ K
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Well I like that soul mate can be used to describe a best friend who you bond with on another level or a lover. For me in my experience my spouse is my best friend and my soul mate all rolled into one. As for my experience: from the moment I saw him I knew I wanted to be closer to him. When I realized I loved him I had to risk telling him. I had never felt more confident or sure of anything in my entire life. This was worth being brave.

He shines differently than everyone else, metaphorically speaking. The way he speaks to me even when we were only friends was like a whole different language. That must sound corney but I really mean that. I often ramble or speak in sentence fragments trying to convey a point and he understands it perfectly. I can reference something pop culture or meme like and he understands exactly what I mean. We have so many different inside jokes. Even in the ways we are different it only completes each other filling in the gaps. Now of course you don't need someone else to complete you or make you whole. I mean more that it covers all my bases. All of my weaknesses are his strengths and vise versa.

So yes, it really does feel like we were made for each other. That is was god or the universes plan for us to meet, fate if you will. I feel as if we have known each others souls for a long time in past lives. They way we bond and connect on a deeper level makes me feel as if this is not our first life together. He is everything I needed at the time I needed it most. The way he can make me laugh and knows my humor and just how to shop for me. Any and all of my statement I do give express permission for you to use in your video if you want to.

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Re: Twin Flames/ Soulmates/ K
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Thank you for sharing with me. :)
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Re: Twin Flames/ Soulmates/ K
Post # 6
Hello Akasha , I recently meet someone who I feel is a kindered spirit and would be glad to share my experience...

I was I'm the hospital, up on one of the floors and so was he , at first he was shy and didn't talk to anyone.. The popular game on the floor was Spades ( it's a card game ), I had just learned how to play and needed a partner, so he agreed to be my partner in playing that game . As a team we did amazing. We played a few more games together as partners and agreed without agreeing that we were partners of the game for the rest of our stay .
After that me and him talked and were inseparable. All we did was talk about our hobbies and passions , which matched up together soo well. We had so much in common and we even would just sit in the cafe and " Sun soak " ( sit there up against the window and take in the sun in silence ).
He mentioned once about us being kindered spirits but I never put much thought into it until I got home and looked it up .. we've stayed in contact since then , talking nonstop every day .. we even meet up and watched the Super Moon together.
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Re: Twin Flames/ Soulmates/ K
Post # 7
I'm pretty positive I've met my twin flame, soul mate, and kindred spirit. So the story..

When I was in 7th grade I was outside with a friend who was talking to her boyfriend and this guy walked up and said hi to the boy friend and then introduced himself to me. In that moment looking into his eyes I dunno it was just like a rush. He was 2 grades above me and after that day I stalked him big time. That went on for three years and then we ended up in the same class and we just started talking and we were both just drawn to each other.we dated for a secong but we both thought we weren't good enough for the other person. We still totally stalked each other due to the fact we were still drawn or I guess you can say in love. Some personal stuff happened but we got over our doupt and are back together. We've been together for a year now and the feeling, the rush still hasn't gone away.
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