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"Black magic" blinded me.

Forums ► Misc Topics ► "Black magic" blinded me.
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"Black magic" blinded me.
Post # 1

I'm new to the forum, so I'd like to take a second to say "Hi" to everyone:
Hi, I'm Voltaire, I read Alchemy and Hermetics, and am fascinated by everything Astrotheological.

I'm posting today about an experience I had.
I used to be very connected and intuative since birth, but one day had a strange experience which left me blinded.

I went to the doctors about a minor ailment and the doctor performed some sort of function on me using pressure points.
He took my head in his hands and pressed two points on either side of my head, behind the temples, exactly where the Binah and Chokmah pass through the skull, and it felt as if a massive part of my mind had just been torn out; and at the same time i lost my "gifts" of sight.

After this I could no longer use my third eye, and all the information I processed in my mind seemed to be lacking a certain "core ingredient".
This seems to link into the field of Osteopathy - the doctor was a specialist in ear nose and throat (otorhinolaryngology) and I very much feel like he "switched me off" in either the pineal or pituitary gland.
I feel as though it's specifically disconnected the pituitary and pineal glands, but may be the corpus collosum, and now I feel like I'm in a lunar eclipse of the mind...

I'm posting this to see if anyone has any ideas or pointers on this type of thing, has come across it before, or might have an idea of what it is we're looking at and how it can be reversed. (or at least fully understood would be a good place to start)

If you have any ideas to troubleshoot, that would also be helpful..

The myth of Horus seems to have similar connotations, as I feel as though I've had my eye removed; and suggests that the answer is in having it restored through Thoth, or hermetic principles.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and if you have any suggestions or ideas, no thoughts are bad thoughtforms :)
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Re: "Black magic" blinded me.
Post # 2
I have no idea why would "black magic" be linked to this and I thought you were completely blind (the title :P). Well calling for help from the professionals would do this, I guess there are people in your area that know whom to go to. Have you started asking friends, relatives, family members, and etc because that's a way to start asking information to whom to go. Magick can't be the solution yet since your problem was made physically but maybe soon...
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Re: "Black magic" blinded me.
By: / Novice
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: "Black magic" blinded me.
By: / Novice
Post # 4
i've got questions. one do you mean your physical sight or your spiritual sight? why did you go to a doctor that doesn't specialize in eyes if you were having eye problems? what makes you think it was 'black magick'?

from what it sounds like the doctor used some form of acupuncture that may of effected your third eye chakra, not 'black magick'. if you have a spiritual blockage you could speak to an acupuncturist, reiki master, or you could try something like group meditation or chakra balancing.
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Re: "Black magic" blinded me.
Post # 5
okay so this is a form of black pillar reversal, an off-branch of Kabbalah/Qabbalah.
It's often refered to as "the evil eye".
Ascended masters can induce this electromagnetically with a look: or as I've already mentioned a master could do it manually by taking your head in his hands and reversing the poles
(what I need is to know how to reverse them back - and it is possible I just can't work out how, or who would know more about this except the 'Poets')

Say you're born at that certain time of the year that births an enlightened child, someone who can intuatively interpret thoughts and empath emotions;
Now say that child is mis-using it's gift, shows up on the radar, and it's decided the child needs to have their powers taken away.
If the lightening bolt of Zeus comes down the tree of life, from kether, to chokmah, to binah, this polarises Binah (black pillar) and sends it back the other way.
I was around 4 when this gift of Jupiter was taken from me by Saturn;
to explain it's like now i can't think on such complex wavelengths anymore.
I can't think on several different things at once.
I can't use my right brain, or connect to my higher brain (intuitive self)

Imagine you're a computer engine. you could remove the power from the hard-disk, or use a virus to format the hard-disk. One is an electro-magnetic path, one is a manual path, both acheive roughly the same things.
This is the outcome of my research and understanding anyway...

Question answers:

Physical sight?
No. My spiritual sight. Not my physical sight.
Sorry, there were only so many characters for the title.

what makes you think it was 'black magick'?
since it's a reversal of the black pillar, and is sometimes refered to as "the evil eye"

I've spoken to accupuncturists many times. unfortunately until i know what this is specifically and can identify it, I'm stuck using metaphors and parables to try and explain what I need done.

Just to clarify: Most of my information listed is educated guesses/years of research.
Without a specific id of what it was, I can't find the person i need to administer the solution.

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Re: "Black magic" blinded me.
Post # 6
Is there any way you can see the doctor who originally was responsible for this? That would seem to me to be the logical place to start.
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