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Fake sites

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Fake sites
Post # 1
So a while ago someone said about change your life spells high is a fake site and I came across a site called the magic vine that sell magical items has anyone else come across it?
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Re: Fake sites
Post # 2
I never heard of it, but I would do a lot of research, before using it or anything. The best place to check if they sell things, is the Better Business Burbeau. People leave reviews and they also rate the site.

For example with the BBB I was being charged a hefty fine of $70 a month to a weird website, some TV one, and I checked it out and it was a scam. I had to call the website just to get my money back and it was super hard. I lost $500 because I didn't catch it soon enough.

Now not all websites are scams, you just have to becareful, watch for those who ask for money, if they ask money for a spell, which would be more powerful if you do it yourself, is probably a scam. If they only sell magical items (tarot, wands, etc) then it may or may not be legit.

I've been scammed many times through websites, even amazon, but luckily amazon has great customer service.

So becareful, hope this helped a bit :)
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Re: Fake sites
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Sites or stores that sell items are generally okay, it is when they claim to be charmed, enchanted or haunted that you need to really start to worry.

Many many sites sell items that you can use in your craft, but most magickal items like enchanted necklaces, or haunted rings etc are extortionately priced and are almost always false.

The best way to judge is to use common sense, if it is very very expensive with no obvious reason why, if it seems like fantasy or seems too good to be true then it probably is a scam.

Other good ways to judge are by:
- Reading the reviews: if a website has no review option or very poor reviews, it is best to steer clear.
- Websites that open pop-up adverts to the page (such as magic vine) should be avoided: these pop-ups may include computer viruses.
- Safe payment options should be available: if a website doesn't have Paypal available or another safe payment option and offer cheque or bank transfers as their only options, you may be setting yourself up for losing a lot of money.
- If the website looks strange, with mismatched, poor quality pages it should ring alarm bells too: someone who cares about their business and customers will want their website to look as good as possible.

It is best to avoid spell casters, as everything they do you can probably do just as well or better and it will be free, and anyone who truly cares about their business will put time and effort into getting good reviews and making their website look professional, if something seems wrong, don't buy from them.

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