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Help to find my path

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Help to find my path
Post # 1
Hi I'm back. I've been trying to find my path for a while. But I'm having trouble in my search. I know every one has a power they either exercise in this life or they dont. I can't find mine or I'm just not realizing it. In my life I've had maybe 3 dreams I can remember and the 3rd one happened last night. But let's begin with the first one that caught me off guard. I had a dream when I was in my preteen years (I'm now in my mid 20s). This dream was someone was in a car accident. Didn't know who or where or the outcome. Next day my mother and I got into a small crash and nobody got hurt. My most recent dream last night was I was riding a big white horse and there was another guy looking from the Egyptian part of the world but he had a small white horse he was riding and in the end I helped him get a bigger white horse. I've done some research on this dream from last night. But, these few dreams don't conclude that I foresee the future in my dreams. At least that's what I believe. So, my researching lead me to empathy. I've done some research on this but it seems similar to my bipolar disorder in a way so does that mean that empathy is my power but modern doctors put a name on it to lable me different or insane or to use me as a guinea pig and put medicines in my body that help my mind but can potentially harm me? Or am I having a bipolar high point where I feel and think that I'm different and have a power? Things sort of make sense to me when I'm practicing witchcraft. I sort of feel relief from my anxiety and it feels right and natural. But, why is it complicated to find my power when it's easy for others? I can't pinpoint any power directly I've come close to empathy but I'm not sure. I need guidance and help please. I wish to know what's been nagging at me for a while and find my right path ans not have doubts
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Re: Help to find my path
Post # 2
Hi Mommy4!

I want to meditate on your dream a little....from my experience, dreams are what pointed me in the directions in which I needed to go. Sometimes they gave me a hint to the future (like your car wreck dream), but I didn't know what I was seeing until it happened, like you.

Is there any more detail you can spare on your white horse dream? Have you been interested in Egypt and it's mythology for a long time, for example? Do you have experience with horses? How does the symbol of a horse make you feel/what does it make you think?

Also, you mentioned it being easy for ppl to "find their power." I can tell you, that's not true. It's a constant struggle...and I'd even hesitate to whittle it down to "a power". Think of it in more mundane terms, to help your head wrap around it: what's something you're naturally talented at, or enjoy doing/learning? I'm sure some of those things you loved and did well at when you were a kid have changed as you've grown...same goes for "power." It's not really like, say, Charmed where the one sis was a telekinetic and another could stop time, etc.

Our society has simplified our connection to the Universe this way...is you open your mind up a little and think of "power" as another part of the world existing around you, it will come more naturally. :)
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Re: Help to find my path
Post # 3

I was in the same boat as you for a while. I am not sure if I have foubd my 'power' myself. Previously I have HAD dreams of the future but none recently have come true. My dreams come in waves and it's hard to tell if they have or havent become real.

I feel like recently I have developed clairempathy and feeleveryone else's emotions, or maybe I am going bipolar.

Additionally, I have had this thing recently where I have this full-on mental conversation with myself like its trying to point me in the right way. This may also be schizophrenia but maybe, just maybe, I have become intune with my spirit guide and finally I can speak to and understand it. The feeling I kinda get when talking to it is like responding to my own question without answering. It dosen't speak to me but I practically know what its saying.

The thing is, I have been trying to find this out for ages. I have tried to astral project to find out my purpose here and my potential abilities. I wan't to find out if I am crazy or not.

Good luck with your search and if you find your answer please mail me :)

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Re: Help to find my path
Post # 4

I also feel like I have some sort of animal telepathy.

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Re: Help to find my path
Post # 5
I know you are not insane. But you are differently different. The medincine that is in your body and it is not in your mind and with the medincine is completely harmless and it cannot turn you into a guinea pig at all that would impossible. You just think that you are different and you can feel the power. I know it's complicated but you can get a hold of it soon and you can try and find it and embrace it in your whole entire life. You can tell others about this website and be just like you someday
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