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[Divining]Casting Circle
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Hullo all.

One of my favorite forms of divination (and the least archaic) is to use a Casting Circle. Not to be confused with casting a circle: generally the casting circle is used for throwing runes, but in this case any invested object will suffice.

Physical Makeup:
The Casting Circle is comprised of two circles: an inner circle within a larger one. The outer ring is divided into quadrants, the inner remains whole.
(Not sure how to provide a picture on here)

Regions of the Casting Circle deciphered:

The Inner Circle: This represents the heart of a matter. It is the foundation upon which everything else stands and is built upon. Here are the core issued: important influence. This is the very core of the issue/answer/client.
+The closer something falls to the center, the more important it is.

The Outer Ring is subdivided into four sections:

-North: Things in the physical realm; the body; health; solidarity. Those things which change slowly.
+The Earth & Land

-East: Things on the mind and in thoughts; things that must be thought about. Things related to study, intellect, and learning. A sudden, quick change that may be unpredictable.
+Sky or Air

-South: Passions; that which fuels us/the situation. Driving forces; temper; lust; sexuality; infatuation; the love of new change. That which burns bright and then wanes.
+The Sun & Fire

-West: Emotions; feelings; undercurrents; going with the flow. May mean stormy seas or clear sailing, or the transition from one to the other. Gradual change.
+The Moon & Water

-Negation Ring: Anything falling outside of the outer most ring is deemed unimportant or otherwise inconsequential to the current moment.

*Note the direction item(s) point towards.

Choosing Items:

The first time I did this, I made the great mistake of using personal items with their own investiture and value to me. Do not do so. Use stones, bones, runes, even jewelry, it doesn't matter.
Then take time to sit with each item and thoroughly invest it with the energy you wish it to represent in your divining.

Typically the categories for such charging are as follows:
(However not limited to.....)

-Purity & cleansing
-Hidden treasures & unexpected gifts
-Study, intelligence & the mind
-Health, healing & the body
-Offerings & Acts of service
-Lack of resources/lack of wealth
-Pace & Timing
-Poison Path
-World Tree/shamanism
-That which surrounds homemade/crafts
-Inspiration/Bolt out of the blue
-Love/the heart
-What is the heart of the matter?
-Positive communication
-Negative communication

The beautiful thing about this is that you can create new items and representational symbols as needed; and from there you can choose to cast many at once, or even just one to see where you stand on it. I.E. If you have a question for one item; only as that item.

This is one of the more manageable forms of divination as it requires little maintenance once your pieces are created and can be utilized whenever.
Take it from someone accustomed to things like Dririmancy and Chresmomancy-both take excessive amounts of preparation and are done at heavy risk to the self.
This method requires little (albeit focused and sincere) work and upkeep, and provides a very effective reading of one's current situation(s).

Hopefully I've done this post justice, but if not I'll gladly field any questions on it below.
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Re: [Divining]Casting Circle
By: Moderator / Adept
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Re: [Divining]Casting Circle
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That was a very good explanation. I had not heard of it before I feel like I understand it instead of just knowing thank you
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