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Name: graywitch
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I use runes and magic from different cultures and don't believe in black or white magic it's the intent of the caster. I'm very open to different opinions and life choices and what people are born with. I like talking hanging out watching movies and just having fun. I practice runes, tarot, healing, cursing, herbalism, scrying, and just about any type of magic I can. I am 22, I was born and raised in Panama city beach florida, moved to mississippi.when I was ten I met a very close friend and mentor in the form of an elderly voodou priest, I have been practicing and reading and experimenting in all areas of magic and occultism I can find, I do not believe in just white magic a witch who cannot curse cannot heal as the saying goes.I do not like to put myself in on box or type of witch as I have learned and studied many different arts and traditions. I have many different options and paths for any situation although I tend to stick with just a couple that is easier if I'm teaching someone a spell. Personally I usually go with the option that is most effective and convenient for my own situation. If I had to choose a path, since I include different paths in my personal life, I would say I am a elective gray witch. I have learned a lot in my 12 years of practice but still have a lot to learn and perfect. I'm also a paranormal investigator/ occult detective, whitchever you prefer to use, in my spare time between work and day to day responsibilities. Its more of a hobby now but one day I want to make it a career. I welcome any question you might have just ask. I also hope to learn new things during my time here.