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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Curse

Post # 1
I have been told yesterday a woman cursed me by jealousy, what can i do ?
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Re: Curse
Post # 2

You should find out if this is really true, first off. In the meantime, protection from curses (google) or making your own spells using different herbs, crystals, colours, etc for protection.

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Re: Curse
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from General Info.
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Re: Curse
Post # 4
that is totally true, I supposed to start a job on Monday, 2 days before they called me to say they found someone else and they need 6 people. That was weird for me!
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Re: Curse
Post # 5
Negative thought begets negative reaction. Someone can easily tell you you're cursed, and provided you believe them, you will attract enough negativity with your negative thoughts that you will truly believe you are cursed.

Sometimes, the anxiety and fearof being cursed causes you, puts you in the position of the supposed “Victim” to supernaturally work against yourself.

This is very true for those who are dabblers or newcomers in magic , and is exponentially accelerated if you have firsthand knowledge of the magical successes of your assumed attacker.

Some magicians need not perform a single ritual, as the person could literally kill themselves from fear.

However, I am under the assumption that you have absolutely no defenses. So try looking for some of the signs that you are cursed.

1. Sudden, unusual, and constant “bad luck.”
2. Things in your life that were getting better sour quickly and intensely.
3. Physical, psychological, and emotional fatigue, which is not alleviated with sleep, eating, exercise, or even medication.
4.Sudden financial difficulties.
5.Vivid and terrifying nightmares.
6.Dwelling on depressing or even suicidal thoughts and feelings, inconsistent with your natural emotional and mental state.
7.Family and friends distancing themselves from you for no reason.
8.A constant sense of anxiety, not traceable to any mundane source or circumstance, but a sudden sense of impending harm.
9.The disappearance or deaths of household pets.
10.Unexplained family deaths.
An increase in peripheral entity-detection; seeing “shadow people” more often and in greater numbers than is normal. Figures of light are just as dangerous.
11.An increase in poltergeist activity in your home or work place.
12.You fear sleeping, because when you're asleep you're not sure how you'll maintain your shields.
13.People in the street veer clear of you. It's like your aura smells of the battle, and passerbys don't want any of that.
14.You feel like you are always being watched.

There are many many other signs, of course, some less subtle(like direct contact with malignant beings). If enough check out, divine on it. Sit in quiet meditation. Quiet your mind and quiet your emotions. And asking yourself, your true self that never worries, or fears, or panics, if you are cursed. The answer will arise.

If there is even a hint of negative emotion to it, then you have failed and need to sink in deeper until the answer is clear from the voice, and it is either yes or no. If it is not, then start getting to work and reversing this misfortune you've afflicted upon yourself.

If it is, then we can work towards reversing the curse, and sending it back at the attacker, and much worse.
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Re: Curse
Post # 6
Thank you for your reply but i need something to be removed it please.
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Re: Curse
Post # 7
Ok first let's break the power of the curse get a cauldron or a big black bowl a large black candle affix it to the bowl with beeswax or drippings from another candle should be talk enough to extend over the bowl a few inches. Full it with water to the brim with water and light the candle and visualize it is the power of the spell against you eventually it will sputter out as it contacts water. When it does visualize it exploding and turning to ash. Pour water into a hole in the ground, lake, or stream. Bury the candle. Next I recommend wearing a talisman consisting of the runes ehwaz, Agliz, and isa to protect from witchcraft in the future. Any questions just ask.
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Message receiveid true/F
Post # 8

I will not be too sensitive with you, Issy. I will confirm, what you are already assuming:
(Sorry to black out the name, Issy, but I cannot give it to you here, due to privacy reasons).
How do I know that?
Because you are one of the 5 people that receives my daily free trial.
Who has cast the evil eye on you?
A woman, who envies you in secret, I would even say that you know her well…
What are the symptoms?
Tiredness, weariness, muscle aches or headaches, and one negative event after the next, like nothing seems to work in your favour.
Will the evil eye heal itself?
Unfortunately, the evil eye does not cure itself, but on the contrary, if you do not eliminate it in time, its effects will be worse in the long run.
What is the solution?
To eliminate the evil eye forever, you do not need to spend money in costly rituals. Other fortune tellers will tell you a million stories, to get their hands on your money, but I can offer you a 3 minutes call (for less than 5 Pounds), and without going anywhere, just call me from your own home or from wherever you want.
Issy, listen to me well:
I promise you to get rid of this evil eye in this call. I am NOBODY that leaves things unfinished.
Furthermore, I will tell you, who that person, casting the spell, was , and I will prepare a protection for you, so that her envy will never harm you again. Enough damage has been done already…
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Re: Curse
By: / Novice
Post # 9

Everything this person has said sounds very suspicious.

Firstly,"a woman who envies you in secret" is a very vague description, as anyone could envy you, much like going to a fake psychic and them describing someone in the vaguest of terms it could , be matched to anyone close to you.

The symptoms this person gives you are those for many conditions, including anxiety, something that you would be experiencing after being told something like this, these symptoms are also the most common to occur when you overthink, including insomnia, aches and pains, headaches, etc.

As has already been said, when you believe something bad will happen, it probably will because you are so focussed on what could go wrong, that you pay too little attention and things do go wrong. This can also act like a self-fulfilling prophecy, you subconsciously believe bad things will happen, so they do.

The way they claim you don't need to spend money, and that "I can offer you a three-minute call (for less than 5 pounds)", puts the thought into your mind that this person cares about me. They are willing to do this for much less money than anyone else could ever do it for. It is false reassurance,this tactic is used by many tricksters to make you feel comfortable around them.

Them asking you to call them, is then opening you up for more contact, giving them your home or mobile number allows them to call you any time, putting you on record so they could use you again in the future, for more hexes, curses or protections that you absolutely need fixing.

Everything that this person says afterwards is pushing home to point that they are amazing and care so much about you and your situation, they are drawing you in, saying that they will prepare a protection for you, but at what cost?

I have met many people scammed by this kind of shpeal, they draw you in with a cheap price and then tell you it hasn't worked, saying that the next time you pay it will work. Charging you for protection after protection. You display symptoms because you are anxious about displaying symptoms and everything is done subliminally. It is a very good sales pitch and it works for so many, the fact that you are so determined that this curse is real to show how well they are pulling this off.

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Re: Curse
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 10

That sounds potentially like a scammer, and I would advise you to be cautious and not give out personal details nor money.

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