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Name: Camrynn
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Hello, and welcome to my biography!

My name is Cameron, and I am a young teen interested in many things, including the occult. I like debating, and sharing my opinions. (I also like being right)! I wish to get many things from this site, including a good education of the occult practices.

There are many areas of magick I find fascinating. I am currently interested in whatever I can learn. I don't follow a specific path, but that is something I want to look in to.

If you wish to mail me:

  • Please use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation!
  • Use a subject!
  • Don't start meaningless conversations: "hi", "how are you", are unacceptable and will be deleted.
  • Ask me questions! I willl be delighted to share my opinions and knowledge with yyou!

That's all! Blessed Be )0(