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Anyone good with dreams?

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Anyone good with dreams?
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Anyone good with dreams?
Post # 1
A dream i had this morning has been deeply disturbing me since i woke up this afternoon, and i get the feeling its trying to tell me someyhing.

So, in reality, my cat has been missing for three days, i last saw him chasing after a squirrel in our backyard, my grandma saw him laying on the porch the day he went missing, and the neighbor an hour later lounging around on her porch in the sun. He hasnt come for food or anything even, and he always likes to be inside to eat. We have been nervewracked looking for him, and the dream made it no better.

In the dream, i was with a group of very old high school friends, running around on a track through wooded areas and some hills, stopping to play games or other excercizes, and then my dream of that abruptly stopped. I started seeing my own kitchen and my kitty standing there, ribs showing, beaten, partly bloodied, and with a sizeable chunk of fur missing and showing dried blood. His eyes were glazed over and he looked dizzy but when i called his name, he hobbled over happily best he could before collapsing in my lap. My boyfriebd entered the room and we saw to get him help. Then he started fading from me and looking very distant and remaining in the same spot. I was "sucked" back into my normal dream, but i was so on edge, i started asking questions and running the track again looking for him.

About the time the dream had an abrupt switch was the most vivid and lucid part of the dream, where i felt conscious and from then on able to control my actions, but do nothing to stop dream occurences from happening.

Is this all my muddled brain just scaring me and worrying myself further about him, or was it something else?
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Re: Anyone good with dreams?
Post # 2
Oh no! I'm so sorry! Maybe its your subconscious mind, because your so worried its showing you the things that can happen. But perhaps you are having a "prophetic" dream, that is telling you your cat may be hurt or very scared or maybe lost. I would recommend scrying for your cat. I did this lots of times with my cats that were missing. I asked if they were dead. It said my cat was dead and one was alive just roaming around. I felt sort of better after doing it because my mind wasn't racing as much. I'm really do sorry. I hope you find him. Maybe try a cst protection spell. Good luck and Blessed Be ~
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Re: Anyone good with dreams?
Post # 3
I dont know how to do scrying, its not something ive studied, but i have repeatedly gone out on searches and said a small spell that has always worked prior to this to bring something lost back to me.
The only reason i can see that it didnt work is if he cant. That someone may have my cat cooped up in their house, or the pound. Or worse, that a car or a bigger animal got to him after getting tired of his attitude.
He hates being inside for too long if hes not eating or napping, and he does tend to be really kind of a jerk when dealing with other animals.
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Re: Anyone good with dreams?
Post # 4
It had occured to me just now, that about a week ago, before the cat went missing, both me and my boyfriend had some strange feeling of unrxplainable dread that something bad would happen. And then our kitty went missing.
Over the next two days we kept thinking we just saw him outside on the porch but would have to look again and see he wasn't after all.
This combined with the dream.
I think i might have to accept the worst has happened after all. And I'm quite heartbroken now.
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