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test your morals!

Forums ► Misc Topics ► test your morals!
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test your morals!
Post # 1
so the story goes like this:

once upon a time, there was a kin, living with his wife in a big palace which was protected by guards.

The king decided to leave the palace for a trip!
But he suspects that his wife has a secret lover, so he tells the guard to NOT let her out of the palace for any reason and if the guard disobeys he will be punished with death.

When the kings leaves the palace, his wife then gives the guard money to let her meet her lover. The guards agrees.

So she and her secret lover decides to run away/escape forever. they planned this really well, but in the last minute the lover changes his mind and decides to leave her in the forest.

The wife then quickly goes to her friend begging for help, so her friend decides to help her and keep her safe in the basement.

But what the wife didnt know that her friend is secretly in love with the king! so now she has the chance to earn his respect and maybe love.

So her friend tells the king where she was located to come and get her.

the king then, tries to kill the guard that disobeyed him, but the guard was quicker , so the guard killed the king.

Question: who is mostly guilty (of those 5 characters) and why? motivate your answer!

Good luck! :)
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Re: test your morals!
Post # 2
Ok so the king laid the rule down and threatened concequences if he were disobeyed = a jealous heart

the wife then disobeyed the king and payed the guard to let her out so she can be with her lover = diceiver liar cheat though guided by her heart and love this changes nothing.

Her lover decided he didn't want this so left her in the forest = coward deciever abandoner

her friend hides her then sells her out to the king= trader deciever

the guard disobeys the king accepts a bribe and then even though it was self defence kills the king = murderer greedy deciever.

say what you want maybe the king was unfair but he put in place his expectations and said the concequences if her were disobeyed it was everyone elses actions that lead to the fiasco so really like it or not the king was the only one who did nothing wrong in this whole thing but through out this whole story there doesn't seem to be one merciful act which is what i look for when talking morals so yeah my answer is the king.
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Re: test your morals!
Post # 3
The king was the authority, in the end the only thing "wrong" he did was attempt murder.

The guard revoked his right to live when he failed to execute his duty for the sake of greed, but this might have had other reasons when you consider his perspective. This could have gained disfavor with the queen, so the queen as a result could have easily ended his life or livelihood.

The lover was a coward, manipulating the queen and eventually abandoning her under false pretenses.

The friend was a liar who wished to gain favor with the king, potentially causing the death of the queen.

I think the lover was the most malign of all of the characters. They were someone who abandoned someone who felt great emotional attachment to them (deceiver), and potentially left them to die in either the forest, or the keep they resided at (murderer).
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Re: test your morals!
Post # 4
A quick answer would be the wife she was the only one cheating.. but If I break this story down. The king loved the wife the wife loved the cheater the cheater loved himself the friend loved the king but they all did evil to each other for love. So there all guilty throw them in jail!
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Re: test your morals!
Post # 5
Through her selfish action of taking a lover in the first place, the wife set into motion a chain of events that were truly unfortunate for everyone else involved. If she had told the lover no, her husband would have nothing to suspect her of. In which case, the king would have never ordered his guard to keep her prisoner in the palace, nor threatened the guard's life if it wasn't done. The guard would never have been offered money to disobey because the wife would never have left with the lover. The lover would never have abandoned her in the woods, giving her so-called friend no ammunition to use against her with the king. And the king and guard would never have fought, so the king would still be alive.
The selfish actions of one unfaithful woman...if I were called on to judge, I would say that the wife is the most guilty.
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Re: test your morals!
By: / Novice
Post # 6

They are all horribly wrong, except the knight.

The king thinks caging a woman is an approprate response. She is a woman, not thing. Deciding her comings and going it not approprate. If she is cheating on you, leave her and be done with it. If you suspect her comfront her. Leaving a woman for no reason is still better than taking away her rights and freedoms.

The wife didn't have to cheat, she could have left the king the right way. The purpose of her cheating was to retain the benefits from being with the king while not loving him. That is what is known as being a, "gold digger". Using men is not acceptable and should not be condoned, vise versa is equally wrong of course.

Leaving a woman or anyone alone in a forest is dangerous. Since you are going with a midevil period where women werent exactly top of the food chain...even worse. She could be killed by wild animals, bandits could take her and sell her as a slave, and so much worse. To abandon her there of all places...Breaking up with her is one thing, endagering her is another.

The friend genuinely loved the king, unlike her. Though in a time period like this it would proably result in death. Cheating is wrong but turning her over knowing she would die or suffer some sort of grim fate...

Then again, on further inspection of the queen...Since women did not always have rights or freedoms who is to say she had a choice in marrying him in the first place? Many men in the olden days took wives by force. If she never willingly said yes...I don't really think she cheated if she never made vows of the sincere heart felt consenting kind.

The guard gave the queen freedoms and rights she should have had either way. I guess he took a bribe but bribe or no bribe it was the right choice. But if the bribe wasn't offered and he still wouldn't do it I think that would be pretty messed up. Sometimes people are willing to do something for free, but if you offer money that isn't to say they wouldn't have done it anyways. Though it is understandable being fearful of death, but he did the right thing even with that fear. The knight killed the king in self defense. If someone came after you and you were left no other choice, would you not do the same?

I think the knight should marry the princess and run off into the sunset. The king marry the peasant girl. Both couples will be happy, the end!

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Re: test your morals!
By: / Novice
Post # 7
this is more for syren.
since this seems to be set in medieval Europe the king would not be able to leave since they were married and in that time divorce wasn't really a thing. also the queen would mostly not have chosen to marry the king. the queen would most likely have been royalty from another country and was married off for purely political reasons as that was what marriage was for with nobility. the king most likely confined her to the palace (which i can't imagine is a bad place to get confined to) because if it got out that his wife was unfaithful others would see it as him not being able to control his wife and if he can't control his with how could he control a kingdom thus making him seem weak which would lead either to a king of another kingdom invading or one of his nobles attempting to usurp the throne. imagine how many innocents would die in that war. the lover is a coward nothing more to say on him. the friend betray's the queen for personal gain so is obviously not the greatest of people but if the king found out she was hiding the queen, she most likely would have been executed. now the king is an idiot for trying to fight the guard especially one on one since he would of had others under his command. now i will list all the crimes each character commited

the king: none
the queen: adultery (which in those time you could be executed for another reason to keep her in the palace)
the lover: same as the queen i'm pretty sure
the friend: none as far as i'm aware
the guard: treason and regicide (this most likely means he'll be tortured and executed and possibly his family will be too)

now the one who i think is the most moral is the king.
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Re: test your morals!
Post # 8
I don't know how official this moral test is anyways xD
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Re: test your morals!
By: / Novice
Post # 9
i like how we were all wished luck when morality is something we learn and mold into our self.

no one is fully good or evil, everyones a human being acting on their own views of 'right' and 'wrong'. there are holes in the story, like was the king and queen arranged or did they ever love each other? why did the lover run away? why did the knight accept the bribe? the king might of married her against her will, or perhaps they once loved each other and he feared loosing her [people can do crazy things when they're afraid] the knight might need the money to help his family, the queen might of been forced into a loveless marriage, the friend might of always loved the king, but her friend was prettier so the king chose her to be his queen. the king then enraged killed the knight for disobeying [again, fear makes people crazy]

on the other hand, the king could just be possessive, the queen was desperate to escape, the guard was greedy, the lover was using the queen, and the friend was never truly her friend. you never know without the full story.

but this problem isn't about their lives leading up to this event, it's 'who's right and who's wrong'. well, the king set the tale in motion, but if you go back a little further, if the queen wasn't cheating the king wouldn't of locked her away, the guard wouldn't need to be bribed, the lover wouldn't abandon her and the jealous friend wouldn't rat her out. hard to say, i'm torn. the king did more 'evil' but the queen is almost equality at fault. i'm also not a fan of her 'friend' [half because i know what it's like to be betrayed by a dear friend] if the friend agreed to protect the queen [and possibly help her escape the kingdom] then the guard might still be alive, and the friend could try and marry the king.
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