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Spiritual help/opinion???

Forums ► General Info ► Spiritual help/opinion???
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Spiritual help/opinion???
Post # 1
So hello to every one i am new to the place and to magick kinda but not really. So im in need of youre opinion of what you think of what happened in my life. Sorry if what i wright is long but i want to explain with detail so here i go.
So about 10 months ago i went to the store in my city now when i came back to the parking lot and got in my car i heard someone that said my name. So i looked around and i saw a woman across from where i was parked, but i didnt recognize her so i thought maybe its one of my moms friend. So when i got close to her with my car she said "Hello im new in town and wanted to know if you know where there are mobile homes for rent". So at that moment i was kinda confused , because i had clearly heard my name yet she was new in town. So anyways i wasnt going to be rude so i told her "i dont know where there are mobile homes for rent, but i know where you can go check". So i told her the locations of where i knew there wore homes. And these are the word she said " thank you you are a very nice person ive asked other people alredy but they dont want to tell me any thing...so for that i want to reward you". So i automatically thought why and how is she gonna reward me..after all it was just a question. So she told me that she was going to reward my by giving me a free card reading, but i said no..i dont know why. Yet she insisted and i still said no so she said "very well if you dont want to i wont read youre cards, but i have to warn you that some of youre family doesnt want to se you and youre girlfrien together". In that moment i didnt know what to think but i didn't do anything about it..

Now about 5 months ago my now Ex girlfriend and i seperated. Now im not gonna say we had a perfect life, but it wasnt a bad o e eather. The day we broke up we had a huge argument over nothing now that i think about it yet i dont know why i reacted the way i did. Well after an hour or so of the argument i realized what i had told her and well i felt bad and went to apoligize and she told me that she could forgive me, but she didnt wanna live with me anymore. And ofcoarse i thought.. why????? I mean the argument we had wasnt that much for her to want to leave we have had bigger arguments than that, but we always stuck together. And well she said that she didnt feel like she loved me anymore or that she could have any feeling for me.. My ex said "i dont know why i cant feel anything for you.. youre a good father and a good husband but i just dont know". And well she said she wanted to leave and ofcoarse i asked her not to leave, but she said "if you really love me than you will let me leave and if you dont care than i will stay". So ofcoarse i had to let her leave. So for about a month or so we would go out on like dates, because she said she missed me and she really wanted things to work beetween us. So we would go to many places but she told me she enjoyed going to the places but she didnt feel comfortable around me. So one day she told me that her mom who doesnt really like me and who does santeria magick told her that my mom or dad had done a love spell so she would stay by my side no matter what by using "The Holly Death". Which i though that cant Be posible because if that wore true than why did she leave.. Well anyways she said her mom told hear she needed a cleansing so she could remove the spell. So one day my ex went to get the "spell that was cast on her" removed. I remember it was a sunday when it was done.. But i did my research about "The Holly Death" and well experts on her say that her spells can only be removed on a saturday and that only someone who is devoted to her is willing to do it, because many people arent willing to mess with deathes spells. Well after the "cleansing" she satrted bieng different she seemed like a whole new person as if i didnt know her. Well on the last day we talked about reconciliation she asked me to meet her her in a place where she was getting her cards read. It was a place recomended by her mom. Well she told me to get my cards read and well i didnt want to but she said to do it for her so i did. And the lady told me that i should give up hope in the relationship because it was unfixable and i think how could that be we have lived together for about 5 years we have a daughter and we wore about to get married. And well ive always been the type of person that says where theres life theres hope. But well my ex belived or belives erything that the lady said.. Now my ex before never liked anything that had to do with magick. Even dough in her house her mom did santeria magick. And her mom had told her thing before but she never belived and this time she listened to what her mom told her and she started changing. Now she even prays to the orisha who at one point she didnt want a part of. I dont belive what the lady who read my card that was recomended by my exes mom. Because none of it makes sense. I have gone with 3 other people to get a card reading and they have all told me similar things except for the lady recomended by her mom. And about a week ago i had a dream where for some reason my ex sent me a txt saying go to "Spell of Magic in L.A" i dont know what she meant but maybe you guys can help. So i want youre opinion or help on knowing if there was anything that was not normal that caused our seperation. And if there is anything i can do to reunite my family please help!!!
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Re: Spiritual help/opinion???
Post # 2
Please help someone
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Re: Spiritual help/opinion???
By: / Novice
Post # 3
wow that's a word dump, sorry if i missed anything [my eyes go wonky if the paragraphs are too long]

well, for starters, the woman could of been a scam artist, facebook and social media make it easier [especially if the store is one you frequent] she could of legitimately had a gift and could see problems in your future [some people are just socially awkward] but i'm going to believe it was planned, since this memory lingered.

your ex's family practicing Santeria could be a coincidence, and many children will try and rebel against their parents, hence why she may not follow Santeria herself. however, as she's matured [and possibly the events surrounding your breakup] she have returned to the path and feels it's the right one for her. people change.

same with break-ups, you say you fought [not a bad thing] and while this last argument wasn't the worst thing ever, it might of the the wake up call for her. perhaps she was thinking for a while 'is this it' or she was noticing little things about your relationship weren't as wonderful as they once were, you might of both been changing [especially if you're 19, trust me, your late teens until your 30 is when a ton of change happens and you learn who you really are because you're out of public school, perhaps move to a new town, or at the very least you're living on your own for the first time] so it probably wasn't that single fight, but a gradual decline she was ignoring until that moment [you mention you went out on dates, so she did care about you, and wanted to make it work, but she doesn't feel that spark anymore. it happens]

regarding the holly death [i'm guessing you mean 'holy' death, as in Santa Muerte] i don't know much about the spell or how it would work [specifically because while Santa Muerte is associated with protection, she deals more with the afterlife than love and marriage] but spells aren't permanent. say your ex found out about the spell, most people believe a spell is undone when the person learns you cast over them [particularly with love spells, the person will hate you. but that's just a belief, not a fact] spells can help, but if the two drift apart, a spell won't do much good [in the case of bindings, it will keep bringing you two back together, not into a relationship, but bumping into each other at the store, the street, or anywhere outside]

overall though i doubt it was the result of the holy death, or any specific spell [perhaps her parents didn't like you, but it's all speculation] i feel it's simply your age, the two of you are maturing and learning more about yourselves, you won't be the same person you were ten years ago, and you'll be different in ten years form now. that's life [forcing to stay the same isn't a wise solution] so she doesn't hate you, she's just gotten new interests and views, and feels you're on different paths. it happens. if you're meant to be, perhaps one day you'll get back together, but for now i feel you're both just growing. for your child you need to be civil, try to remain friends, and maybe one day you'll get back together.
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