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Just a theory

Forums ► Misc Topics ► Just a theory
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Just a theory
Post # 1
So i have been thinking about this theory, //Sorry for bad spelling// Ok so i was reading some flying besom threads and i saw You cant break the science laws at all with the witchcraft, So i had this thought that ''witches'' got burned in the old right i mean witches havent been exposed today at the same way so maybe one time they might burn us more but thats not the point What if the witches in the old hides so that they never found it that they werent so stupid and got burned and the fact that witches got found as flying in front of the moon i mean what if they did that but in a state where people who were not witches could not actually see them but the witches could, Or maybe its just to a point people who believed in the kind who where the witches of that path. But by the time now children are already showed science laws in the brain so what if we have to break this law and open new doors for the witchcraft we have rn, But yeah its just a theory also im new in this so i dont know but it might be worth taking a look at also everyone prob have this theory and i just felt like writing it down
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Re: Just a theory
By: / Novice
Post # 2

So you believe that witches could fly, but it was invisible to anyone who wasn't a witch?

A besom has traditionally been used as a means of cleansing a space, witches flying on brooms was something theorised a long time ago but it does not mean that witches ever actually flew on brooms.

Of course you are free to believe anything you want, but it is far more realistic to assume that, considering witches are humans, everyone would see a witch flying, if a witch were to ever fly. Being a witch makes your eyes no different that a regular humans. Witches also cannot become invisible and could most probably never actually fly anywhere other than the astral plane.

The burning of witches is something commonly over exaggerated, if anyone was killed for being a witch it was most probably never actually because they were a witch and instead someone who was considered a threat to the Church or religious normality of the time. Anyone could be called a witch but it was commonly midwives, female healers, women in general, the elderly in a population, even doctors, their trials for who was and was not a witch were insane at best and would do nothing to prove whether someone was, or was not a witch. It was less a case of which witch was smartest and more which normal person was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Skepticism is something commonly found in a science based society, but even in societies where science is not commonly taught, the rules of nature and science still apply. Gravity does not cease to exist simply because you don't believe in it, the same applies to other natural laws.

Of course everyone has their own opinions on this topic, these are just my own.

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Re: Just a theory
Post # 3
Well yes i am aware of the reality but not in the usual way or hm its hard to explain it But it was kinda used as a example that we are affected of everything so that we should break free kinda and make our own reality
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Re: Just a theory
Post # 4
Well if you think about it magick is the manipulation of energy and if we are doing magick, then we are manipulating energy. I don't think science says we can do that per se other than kinetic, thermal, and chemical processes in our bodies, but not the way magick manipulates energy by our thoughts and will.
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Re: Just a theory
Post # 5
Exacly One time have to be the first and we have already got long
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Re: Just a theory
Post # 6
I believe that flying witches has to do with Hedge-Riding, in other words, the witch is crossing over into other states of conciousness and entering other realms. It is done with mind altering psycotrophic plants.
And to the scientific minds here, what are you doing in a Magic Forum where Belief and Intention are paramount. Witchs can fly, although not in the mundane world yet. There is still Astral Travelling and I have my order in for the Nimbus 2017 model.
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Re: Just a theory
Post # 7
What I'm saying is that magick it self defies science. Make no mistake I am a firm believer in magick.
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Re: Just a theory
By: / Novice
Post # 8
interesting theory. problem is historical and scientific evidence disproves it, but i do agree you shouldn't believe everything you hear and instead do your own research and draw your own conclusions with certain things.

historically flying on broomsticks was a misinterpreted ritual, and historically the witch trails were more about getting rid of people you didn't like in society over actual spiritual practices. i'm currently reading about the Salem witch trials, all the accusers were people who were ignored in puritarian society [young woman and orphans] now given a voice and respected by those around them. they were also able to relax and no longer work hard or live in fear of beatings so long as the trials continued. the victims were people who had upset the accusers or the town in some way along with wealthy people whose loss would be anothers gain [usually the father or relative of the girls calling 'witch'] couple that with hearsay and fear [fear of being attacked by natives, fear of being attacked by wild animals, fear of the devil] and you've got a recipe for chaos.

the wild claims witches could fly, spoil milk, wither crops, cause plagues, control dark animals [black dog, black cat, rats, bats, toads] and cause suffering is again, an old belief of times before science. how could a god fearing Christian suddenly loose his livestock? couldn't be a sickness caused by unsanitary conditions, or wolf attacks, must be a witch, the bride of satan, disguised as a wolf to ruin me. maybe it was the herbalist down the street i argued with last month. [and that's logic in medieval times]

also, witch trials are still occurring today [just not as widely publicized] africa has a big problem with with trials. children are apparently witches, the lucky ones are abandoned, the rest are tortured or killed in some pretty terrible ways. even in america people are prosecuted by communities for being a witch. homes destroyed, fired form jobs, evicted. back in the 80's and 90's everyone was a little obsessed with the occult, and were worried of satanic rituals in their gated communities. some people were convicted of murder on the grounds of 'human sacrifice' without a fair trial, only fear. [even though there hasn't been a single case of satanic sacrifice in the USA] fear can be a persons downfall.

i will slightly agree with the thought we have to break the cycle, but not of 'science is fact' instead blindly agreeing with what we are told by others. just agreeing with a group and doing what everyone else does [church on sundays, our teams better than your team, friday dinner at the same place, so on] should be questioned. many things are habit, and when placed under a lens you don't really believe it, it's just you following the group. there's sociological reasons why, but you should examine your life to make it better. following the herd can lead to bad decisions.
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Re: Just a theory
Post # 9
There's a lot to be said for keeping an open mind in this train of thought; I personally believe that it is more than possible that the belief that witches have to obey all the laws of physics is flawed and restrictive; we don't even understand all of science yet and some of the quantum stuff is epically strange; there's a lot to be said for evolution too, we may not fly now, but we may learn to physically manipulate electromagnetism and or gravity by will to the extent that it may be possible someday, or by some people, even in this generation. This "reality" is full of mystery and the extremely unlikely is incredibly commonplace; I reckon that if you are open to infinite possibilities, infinite possibilities are open to you.
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