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Name: LeLoupSilver
Location: Pacific Northwest
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 17 Jan 2019
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Firstly, I do not cast spells for other people. I may, however, help you draft a spell or ritual if I'm interested.

I have been on this site for several years now and started magick when I was twelve. I feel most connected to the red fox or the jaguar. Since I'm colorblind, my favorite color is grey because it is the color I can see the Most haha. I am into survival and roughing it in the wild, especially in a primitive form. I try to learn skills from the past before modern society forgets all about them. I'm into navigation of all kinds, and am always trying to learn. For a long time, I've been studying skills so I at least have a basic knowledge of topics such as blacksmithing and construction. My favorite part of the year is winter, when there's plenty of snow. Or maybe it's Autumn because it's the season of harvest, can't decide.

I'm a huge Predator and Alien fan! I love music and I listen to a large variety of genres. I listen to a lot of electric swing and swing music. I also listen to music in French on occasion. I have experience in herbalisim, manipulating energy, creating spells, meditation, ward's, and other various skills. I am interested in most kinds of magick. I love to learn and I take my studies quite seriously. I am taken by the most wonderful woman I have ever met. She comforts me to no end, she understands and helps my problems as well as accepts my help. We have the absolute most perfect relationship I could ever as for. I love her.

The only things that really annoy me are Human stupidity and those who talk of my friends, my family, and my beliefs in a rude way. I have two dogs, a fat cat, and a kitten. I love my "pets" and count them as family, not pets. I have a very high linguistic aptitude. I am currently learning Chinese at the college i go to. I have already been through three high school years of French and have taught myself a basic level of Portuguese. If you would like to talk to me in ay of these languages, minus Chinese, then feel free! I LOVE NATURE! My favorite plants are from tropical areas. I'm also a very agriculturally blessed person.

"Remember the Idea, not the man. For a man can fail. He can be caught, he can be killed and forgotten. But a hundred years later, an idea can still change the world."-V