Execution of Witches

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Execution of Witches

Execution of Witches
Post # 1
Just a reminder that there are still countries where people accused of being witches are still tortured and executed. One place is Saudi Arabia, and it's done by the government. Then there are many other countries where a misunderstood person may be left to the mercy of mob rule, especially in rural areas. For example there are cases in rural areas of Nepal, India, and Pakistan of witches being killed by villagers. Also in parts of war torn Syria and Iraq there are religious extremists who actually go on witch hunts looking for signs of sorcery. If any lesson can be taken from the past it is that people are known to label just about anything as a sign of witchcraft. I'm not trying to be condescending, as I'm sure most of you already realize this. It is just that a post I came across asking about witchcraft and religion had me concerned that the poster or others similar to this poster may not be in a safe place.
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Re: Execution of Witches
By: / Novice
Post # 2
witchcraft has been misunderstood for a long time, and yes, many countries do still kill witches for ruin the crops, natural disasters, and various other unrelated reasons, there are still people in countries that believe tons of crazy things. there's people in america who believe witches are the bride of satan and can do everything their story books warn them about. [look up the West Memphis Three. 3 teenage boys who were thrown in jail for 20 years after a murder in a small town concluded they were satanists. fun fact, they were innocent, but different + small town = satan which is scary, so off to jail you go. some people still believe they sacrificed the kids to the devil despite all the evidence]

it is wise to keep some aspects of yourself closed off to the world, don't deny who you are in the process. i know people who have lost jobs, had their homes and business vandalized, and been the subject of varying degrees of abuse because of their faith. [i even have a few personal stories. like the time my friends decided to hold a circle in the park and some lady from her house screamed 'devil worshipers' and called the cops on us. in hindsight, we shouldn't of done it in a park, but we were 17 and wanted to celebrate Ostara in nature] the people who conclude witchcraft is evil and therefore can kill a person and not feel bad about it won't be won over with facts that it isn't evil. it's best to assess a situation. a spiritual store, fine, let your pagan flag fly, apply for a job, maybe keep it on the low key. you don't care what religion your boss follows, so why should they?
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Re: Execution of Witches
Post # 3
Neko did a very good job explaining her point but I figured that I may as well share some of my thoughts. Our world, as we know it, was founded on spiritual belief, before science there was Alchemy after all,trying to turn lead into gold.

One key factor back then was superstition and stereotypes, in the witch trials of Europe people could say absolutely anything about someone. "I saw that woman standing by the castle! Her eyes were fiery red as she flew up into the castle walls! It's the work of the Devil!" Unfortunately, people weren't very smart so they believed it.

That belief has been passed down to some people today, like with what Neko said about the lady claiming witchcraft. Sadly that reaction will be a staple when you hear the word Witch.
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Re: Execution of Witches
Post # 4
Hmmm that is a good reference to state. I would suggest not giving out any personal information even if it is the country you live in or city .
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Re: Execution of Witches
Post # 5
Ignorance is still rampant in theis world,I keep my practices on the down low. Friends know I am a witch, I don't call my self Wiccan, which is more acceptabe to the masses than just a witch.
If people ask if Im wiccan, I say "Something like that"
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