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Name: Melthan
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Hello to anyone who stumbles onto my profile page, I am Melthan, previously known as Silverdsd and Silverdsdn. The circumstances regarding those are a tad odd so I'll simply state that I have made silly mistakes in the chatter. This time around, I'm going to share my practice in a lower less... Profound profile. I am almost 20 as I turn 20 on the 20th! Currently 19.
Regarding my line of work, which I shall in a moment, I am sure you can understand why I am doing so now. My main practice is Draconic Spirit Work, yes that means I believe in Dragons and I will stand by that belief! I definitely do more, and I am happy to share my entire repertoire.
1 Dragon Magick
2 Draconic Lore and Mythology
3 Draconic Structure and Sociality
4 Divination
5 Geomancy
6 Runes Elder Futhark and Draviinic
7 Some Sigils
8 Low Psychic ability
9 Finally General Spirit Practice including Spirit Guides
Normally I would have a Dragon as my Bio Image but that brought... Unwanted amounts of attention that was more destructive in its nature. If you happen to see through my clever Lavender disguise you get the real picture! Some things that define me are eager yet cautious, ambitious yet doubtful, young yet experienced but still pure. (I'll let you figure out what I mean there.) If you manage to find me and have complicated questions and NOT Fluffy stuff I will be happy to answer them.
My prior experiences on this site are rather lively. I've been a councilor, a Priest, an Article Author... Rather fun and fruitful, I do hope to return to the fruitful part where I can write and spread knowledge to those open minds who are willing to learn.
Some Hobbies. Everyone has them! So what are mine? I'm happy to share!
1. Reading Books, Fantasy mainly.
2. Writing in many forms.
3. Music composition.
4. Fiddling on the piano, even though I suck. XD
5. Playing Tuba, Singing. (It's noisy at my house sometimes.)
6. Collecting Dragon stuff.